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✅ Mark Felt  PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Mark Felt – Pcusati.info Fascinating account of the man known as Deep Throat and his collaboration with Woodward and Bernstein as they broke the Watergate scandal. PDF Mark Felt Mark Felt Rarefishingbooks.co.uk NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE Starring Liam Neeson.The Covert Watergate Whistleblower Tells The Story Of The Dramatic Showdown Between The FBI And The Nixon White HouseIn The 1970s, Mark Felt Was Given The Code Name Deep Throat And Shared Intelligence On The Watergate Break In With A Young Reporter From The Washington Post Named Bob Woodward Thus Began The Greatest Political Scandal In The Twentieth Century, Which Would Besmirch An Entire Administration And Bring Down A Presidency.A Patriotic Man, Felt Only Revealed His Role In Our National History As He Neared The End Of His Life Based On His Personal Recollections, Mark Felt Chronicles His FBI Career, From The End Of The Great American Crime Wave And World War II To The Culture Wars Of The 1960s And His Penetration Of The Weather Underground Provides Rich Historical And Personal Context For His Role In The Watergate Scandal And Depicts How He Came To Feel That The FBI Needed A Lone Ranger To Protect It From White House Corruption. The mostly self told story of the man whose sense of duty kept him fighting for years to keep the FBI free of political bias. I thought it would be about Deep Throat Regardless, it was a good look deep into Hoover s FBI. Audiobook read by Michael Pritchard I decided to read this book because I really enjoyed the movie version As I often say, movies are ads for books.This is a very odd book A very long introduction by John O Connor summarizes the story from start to finish This confused me But this slowly starts to make sense Most of the book is made up from old chapters from other books, written by Felt In these chapters, Felt does not ackowledge that he was Deep Throat They were written before he admitted it Footnotes and additional text provide information, context, and truth and these are also written by John O Connor At the end, several epilogues add additional information again, written by John O Connor.These additions by O Connor were necessary Felt was quite elderly and had a poor memory when he finally admitted he was Deep Throat So he wasn t in any condition to tell us , or write it Felt s own words, therefore, are weird and limited They re kind of a lie He portrays himself as a Boy Scout He s so straight and narrow as to be remarkably dull I found mysel Mark Felt, a.k.a Deep Throat of Woodward and Bernstein Watergate expose fame provides his autobiography along with the FBI side of the story that brought down President Richard Nixon.The whistle blower s tale is interesting, and I m sure quite factual, but comes after two thirds of the book has been read.The autobiographical side becomes a eulogy of the FBI, December 31, 2017 100.0% As deeper you go as it odds it gets December 22, 2017 15.0% 46 31 December 22, 2017 15.0% The story gives you slight view of being inside the mind of politicians December 22, 2017 15.0% A story build upon drama December 22, 2017 15.0% 35 48 D Very interesting book about Mark Felt and the FBI.

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