10 thoughts on “Men Are Not Cost Effective: Male Crime In America

  1. Caspere Caspere says:

    When I was younger I was talking with friends and we were discussing the idea that there are descriptions of people, and there are people that describe You can say that your friend fill in the blank , is a very kind, peaceful person.But if someone were to then ask you what you mean by kind and peaceful , you would respond that Ghandi and, I don t k

  2. Jeremiah Jeremiah says:

    The title and back cover made this sound like it was going to be at least somewhat facetious It s not Instead, we get a long description of everything evil thing men do, followed by a few pages on how a tax on men would work I m presenting it to my classes as an example of bad writing.

  3. Christy Christy says:


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