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[PDF / Epub] ❤ Metaphysics  ✅ Stephen Mumford – Pcusati.info Metaphysics Is Traditionally One Of The Four Main Branches Of Philosophy, Alongside Ethics, Logic And Epistemology It Is An Area That Continues To Attract And Fascinate Many People, Even Though It Is Generally Thought To Be Highly Complex And Abstract For Some It Is Associated With The Mystical Or Religious For Others It Is Known Through The Metaphysical Poets Who Talk Of Love And Spirituality This Very Short Introduction Goes Right To The Heart Of The Matter, Getting To The Basic And Most Important Questions Of Metaphysical Thought In Order To Understand The Theory What Are Objects Do Colors And Shapes Have Some Form Of Independent Existence Is The Whole Just A Sum Of The Parts What Is It For One Thing To Cause Another Rather Than Just Being Associated With It What Is Possible Does Time Pass By Using Simple Questions To Initiate Thought About The Basic Issues Around Substance, Properties, Changes, Causes, Possibilities, Time, Personal Identity, Nothingness, And Consciousness, Stephen Mumford Provides A Clear And Down To Earth Path Through This Analytical Tradition At The Core Of Philosophical Thought.

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  1. Roy Lotz Roy Lotz says:

    Metaphysics means nothing but an unusually obstinate effort to think clearly William James.I have read several excellent books from the Very Short Introduction series, but this book transcends the genre it is perhaps tied with Russell s Problems of Philosophy for the best introduction to philosophy I ve ever read The book is a marvelous display of philosophical thou

  2. Jen Jen says:

    3.5Asking questions such as The cheese contains a hole, for instance Is the hole part of the cheese and posing othermind bending suggestions, this is a great introduction into such a confuddling topic The backwards structure to presenting the idea of Metaphysics seemed ludicrous but made perfect sense in the end.I m not sure if it was just me but low key this book was hilari

  3. Bojan Tunguz Bojan Tunguz says:

    Metaphysics is one of the main branches of Philosophy Unfortunately, unlike logic, epistemology, or ethics, over the years it has gotten a very distorted perception in the popular culture If you walk into any large bookstore or browse an online catalogue , and go into the section labeled Metaphysics, you are most likely to come across titles dealing with some aspect of the New Age sp

  4. Clif Clif says:

    You ve probably heard the question asked if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound A dog has properties, characteristics that make us call it a dog when we see it Which of those characteristics could be modified and by how much before we no longer call it a dog If space is an area that contains nothing, are we justified in calling space a something Wel

  5. Mardin Uzeri Mardin Uzeri says:

    Metaphysics is commonly regarded as one of the main branches of philosophy alongside logic, ethics, and epistemology For anyone who seeks to systematically approach the study of philosophy, I can not recommend this bookhighly.It is concise, informative, profound, exceedingly witty, and an overall joy to read.The clarity that Stephen Mumford was able to impart on a complicated subject that...

  6. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    The year was 2001 I was an impressionable youth with no guidance or idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up Lo A philosophy 101 course appeared I learned to hate Kant, Hegel and Marx And now, many years...

  7. Phạm Hà Phạm Hà says:

    Basically all of your shower thoughts in one book.

  8. Joachim Joachim says:

    I discovered the Very Short Introduction series fittingly while being in Oxford The first few volumes I read were either very solid European Union, Human Rights or outright brilliant Okasha s volume on Philosophy of Science After having stumbled over a sub par volume Privacy , Mumford reinstalls my faith in this series His introduction to metaphysics is almost on the same level as Okasha s introduction to the philosophy of scie

  9. BHodges BHodges says:

    A fun overview of the kind of questions address by metaphysicists What is a thing What is change What is a cause What is time What s a person What s possible Is nothing something Is metaphysics just a giant waste of time You could do worse with yours than read this little book, anyway.

  10. Eric T. Voigt Eric T. Voigt says:

    it depends on one s view of the relation between the world, language, and truth pg 93 That s everything for ya.

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