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[Reading] ➱ Minnesota Caves  ➹ Greg Brick – Pcusati.info Minnesota S Caves Have A Deep History Carver S Cave Is The First To Be Described In The Literature Of North America After Explorer Jonathan Carver Visited It In 1766 The Storied Fountain Cave Was The Birthplace Of The City Of St Paul Just After The American Civil War, Chute S Cave Inspired An Elaborate National Hoax Regarding An Ancient Civilization Folklore Surrounds Petrified Indian Cave, Where A Strangely Shaped Stalagmite Was Mistaken For A Person Turned To Stone Geologist And Urban Explorer Greg Brick, PhD, Uses Decades Of Research To Uncover The Secrets Of Geological Wonders.

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  1. Lou Longhenry Lou Longhenry says:

    I thoroughly enjoined reading the book MINNESOTA CAVES HISTORY LORE cover to cover The author, Greg Brick, PHD, has done an excellent work of presenting the adventure of caving activities with a lot of historical information and some lore thrown in for good measure He is well qualified as a geologist, a historian who digs deep to get as much information as possible, and as a true a

  2. Josh Peterson Josh Peterson says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book Minnesota Caves is filled with detailed information as well as lots of photos of whats really going on under our feet Mr Brick gives great perspective since he walks the walk and has been to nearly every cave listed in the book, except those that only exist in lore you ll have to read the book From his writing vantage point the reader gets a real sense of

  3. Kansas Olson Kansas Olson says:

    Minnesota Caves History Lore is a fun mix of fact and folklore I especially liked the Buffalo Snake at Carver Cave and the Nesmith Cave Hoax The folklore and facts makes one want to dive into early Minnesota history I was surprised to find out how many uses there were for the caves I had a little anxiety when I read about the lights going out while in F...

  4. David Gerboth David Gerboth says:

    I have read the book This book covers a wide range of Minnesota underground features that are well researched as to history and stories surrounding them I have known Greg Brick for many years and learned of the researched information long before he put ...

  5. Eric McMaster Eric McMaster says:

    Minnesota Caves History Lore is a very well researched book on Minnesota Caves It is a good mix of facts and lore and a fun read for anyone interested in the history of caves in our area.

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