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[PDF / Epub] ☆ Mission to Tashkent By F.M. Bailey – Pcusati.info This is a great adventure story of british intelligence officer F.M Bailey, as written by our man Bailey himself Originally an explorer, traveler and naturalist, he joined the british army and also worked in the political intelligence ranks In 1918 he was sent to Tashkent, where he eventually spent almost two years working in secret, as part of what we now call The Great Game Back in 1918 Great Britain was engaged in the WW1, and yet early in 1918 nothing was entirely on Britain s favour In March, Bolshevik leaders signed the Brest Litovsk treaty, effectively ending Russia s involvement in the war This meant a big blow for the Entente interests, removing a second front that had many German soldiers committed to.During the course of the war Russia had made thousands of prisoners from the Central Powers armies, and they were all scattered across the Russian lands Fearing that with the new treaty all these soldiers might get back to their former armies and streghten its enemies, Britain deployed many secret agents along Russian to prevent that from happening.One of these agents was Frederick Eric Bailey At the beginning of his career he first worked for the British secret services A capable man, he was fluent in several Central Asian languages, and just the right person to take on a mission to Tashkent This book I m reviewing now relates that mission of his.According to Bailey, he was sent to Tashkent to make three requests to the Bolsheviks authorities that is the numerous Austrian p An original 007 Real life Great game adventures by Colonel Bailey Writing style slightly clunky and a bit too slow paced for my liking Overall an admirable effort, but too little actually happens to keep it interesting. A very enjoyable read I first stumbled across Bailey in Hopkirk s Setting the East Ablaze, and greatly enjoyed taking the time to detour into his source material As a story or tale I d rate this five star, as a piece of writing, good but not overwhelming, hence the overall four star Bailey s first hand account of Tashke Don t you hate it when you infiltrate the enemies spy service and then they send you to find and arrest yourself Well that really happened to this British diplomat who spent a significant amount of time dodging the Bolsheviks in Teshkent who probably would have killed him if they caught him It s great being reminded about the horrors of communism every once and again as it s easy to forget how terrible it must be to live under such social agony For instance, he me I happened upon this book while scouring the library for background reading before a trip to Uzbekistan It s a wild, swashbuckling, and apparently genuine, double and triple agent first person spy thriller ranging far and wide across the shifting boundaries o Very interesting read Historical non fiction, recounts the adventures of this spy as he travels to Tashkent on his mission I enjoyed this recount as it describes an era of the past, no modern technology or transportation a window into a secretive world that existed before my birt Colonel F M Bailey, Whose Extraordinary Adventures Are Told Here, Was Long Accused By Moscow Of Being A British Master Spy Sent In 1918 To Overthrow The Bolsheviks In Central Asia As A Result, He Had, Many Years After His Death, An Almost Legendary Reputation There That Of Half Hero, Half Villain In This Remarkable Book He Tells Of The Perilous Game Of Cat And Mouse, Lasting Sixteen Months, Which He Played With The Bolshevik Secret Police The Dreaded Cheka At One Point, Using A False Identity, He Actually Joined Their Ranks, Who Unsuspectingly Sent Him To Bokhara To Arrest Himself Told With Almost Breathtaking Understatement By Bailey, This Narrative Offers Remarkable Insight Into British Secret Intelligence Work During The Great Game. Fascinating memoirs of the great game with a generic string narrative of the hobbit all on a journey with no destinations or aims, but with loads of characters changing their disguises, in and out of doors at a dizzying rate.

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