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[Epub] ➜ More Than French Kissing  ➡ Cass Winters – Pcusati.info Dear Author,Please Can You Help These Guys Get To This Picture The Story Is Up To You, But Please Try To Include The Following A Love Of Scarves, Europe, Some Drama, Hot Sex And Humour.Photo Description Two Young Men Lie Kissing On A Cobbled Street They Re Surrounded By Unfinished Artwork And Coloured Pencils A Red Fiat 500 With The Driver S Door Open Faces A Cream Moped A Helmet Is Discarded On The Ground Beside Them.This Story Was Written As A Part Of The M M Romance Group S Love Is An Open Road Event Group Members Were Asked To Write A Story Prompt Inspired By A Photo Of Their Choice Authors Of The Group Selected A Photo And Prompt That Spoke To Them And Wrote A Short Story This Story May Contain Sexually Explicit Content And Is Intended For Adult Readers It May Contain Content That Is Disagreeable Or Distressing To Some Readers The M M Romance Group Strongly Recommends That Each Reader Review The General Information Section Before Each Story For Story Tags As Well As For Content Warnings.

10 thoughts on “More Than French Kissing

  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    Fun image prompt cute story However, there was almost no steam, certainly no hot sex as per the prompt, and far too many time jumps.Plus, Nico s callous behaviour was inexcusable Why did Dan have to do all the work

  2. Al Al says:

    Me and Noah s prompt Thank you to the author and the LOR team A sweet story of first love found, lost, then thankfully chased after The author captured the mood of the prompt perfectly Well done I particularly enjoyed the scarf line D and a bright lightweight scarf s...

  3. Chesca Chesca says:

    More Than French Kissing by Cass Winters, is a product of the M M Romance Group s 2015 event Love is an Open Road It tells the story of Dan, an English student in France He was working as a language assistant at a French university as a part of his university degree back in England His course required students to spend a year abroad, either to at

  4. Pixie Pixie says:

    Sweet, Nico kind of pissed me off, but all was forgiven in the end.

  5. Trisha Harrington Trisha Harrington says:

    3.5 stars. I enjoyed some parts of this than others.Dan was great and I loved how cute he was I liked Nico, sometimes, but then there were times I felt like he needed to do and not let Dan do all the work all the time.Some steam would have been nice But the epilogue worked for me.

  6. Anke Anke says:

    This story didn t really fit the prompt The only thing present was Europe The other demands were rather ignored.

  7. Riina Y.T. Riina Y.T. says:

    Lovely story, thank you

  8. Alex (HEABookNerd) Alex (HEABookNerd) says:

    Rating 3 stars it was goodShort but cute read I liked both Nico and Dan and they were adorable together, but I wish the ending had worked out a little differently I understand Nico s initial behavior, but after that he should have stepped up view spoiler Nico s grandm...

  9. Mona Mona says:


  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    2.5 stars Fab prompt, nice enough story, but it did nothing to excite me It was meh.

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