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[[ EPUB ]] ✼ New England and the Bavarian Illuminati  Author Vernon Stauffer – Pcusati.info The Rift Between The Nation S Two Political Parties Is Caused By A Conspiracy New England The Bavarian Illuminati Is The History Of The Illuminati Scare That Occurred In America At The End Of The Eighteenth Century It Tells How The Federalists, Including The New England Clergy In Particular, Seized Upon The Idea That The Illuminati Were Behind The Actions Of The Democrats Only A Far Reaching Conspiracy Could Explain The Irreverent Habits And Searing Attacks Of The Jeffersonians Fear Of The Secret Democratic Clubs, Magnified By Fear Of The French Jacobins, Made Such A Conspiracy Readily Believable Dr Stauffer Ably Details The State Of American Politics And Religion Before And After The American Revolution He Recounts The Known History Of The Illuminati, And Reviews How Knowledge Of The Secret Organization Was Transmitted To America The Conspiracy Alarm Is Traced In Detail, From The First Announcement Of The Existence Of The Illuminati Given During A Sermon, Through The Heated And Virulent Debates In Newspapers And Pamphlets, And Finally To The Decline Of The Public Spectacle Under Counter Attacks And Satirical Mockery This Study Of The Illuminati In New England Was Originally Published In 1918 Acclaimed From Its First Printing, It Has Since Then Developed A Respectable Position As One Of The Most Competent And Important Histories On The Shadowy Order Of The Illuminati. Though the subject matter in this book is very interesting and the research is very thorough with a lot of primary sources excerpted , I found it a little difficult to sift through as someone who does not specialize in this field of study.

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