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[Reading] ➶ No More Victims ➬ Frank E. Peretti – Pcusati.info It Happens Every Day People Are Deeply Wounded By The Words And Actions Of Those Around Them And It Affects Them For The Rest Of Their Lives We Ve All Been There We Ve All Been Wounded And We Ve All Wounded Others But It S Time To Become Wounded Healers, Loving And Protecting The People Around Us The Wounded Spirit Has Become Than A Book The Message Has Connected With Thousands And Has Become A National Movement This 64 Page Call To Action, Entitled No More Victims, Is Designed As A Giveaway To Students For Them To Join In The Fight Against Bullying.

10 thoughts on “No More Victims

  1. M.K. Aneal M.K. Aneal says:

    Wow This book was marvelous The writing was brilliant Frank Peretti wrote with such skill and persuasion that you wished you could jump into the book and change things This book was moving and I would recommend this book to absolutely everyone Short yet touching read Awesome

  2. Justin Justin says:

    This is an incredibly amazing book to read if you are a bully or getting bullied

  3. Genesis Mejia Genesis Mejia says:

    This book so far is so good and I feel like it s gonna be a eye opener for my life I m really enjoying it It touches my heart and gives me emotion Also, a big huge page turner I loved this book It s super great It changed the way I saw the view towards other people This is a great book ...

  4. Eric Eric says:

    A wonderful reflection of a life most of us have gone through, bullying We all are human, writes the author, but we all find faults and tear others apart because of those faults we have nothing to do to fix Perritti is honest about his past and helps us all see the harmful effects of bullying...

  5. Daniel Johnson Daniel Johnson says:

    No More Victims By Frank Peretti is another Non Fiction Anti Bully book and the followup to The Wounded Spirit Very good teaching tool for everyone All should read this book This book hits home on a personal level.

  6. Jane Fournier Jane Fournier says:

    Should be part of every school principle teachers required reading

  7. Julie S. Julie S. says:

    It had a very important message that we all need to follow.

  8. De Anna De Anna says:

    This was an interesting read written by an author with both points of viewBullied and Bully Thought and memory provoking, I could see myself on both sides of the issue Highly recommend

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