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!!> Epub ➞ Nosh, Schlep, Schluff  ➝ Author Laurel Snyder – Pcusati.info Another favorite from PJ Library We have chosen this for another newborn friend Multiple reads with this. I ve a couple of board book aged boys next door and so when those sorts of books come my way I do take a quick look to see if they d be up their alley This one, I discovered, is completely and utterly adorable I have to admit that I associate Yiddish Learning And Using Yiddish Is Fun For The Whole Family, From The Youngest Mamaleh To The Oldest Bubbe And Zaideh As The Mother Tongue Of Millions Of Jewish Immigrants, Yiddish Has Made Its Way Into Everyday English The Sprightly Text Follows A Toddler Through A Busy Day And Is Peppered From Beginning To End With Yiddish Words. Brilliant A board book that amused the hell out of me as an adult, and even drew the amused interest of the Spouse The rhymes are good, funny, and combined with the pictures define the terms well Useful for anyone who doesn t know much Yiddish Truly, I am charmed, and I want someone Sweet little board book Great for a toddler story time or a bed time quick read. Adorable It s cute but I feel like there could have been words. A very cute book It effectively helps you to learn a bissel of Yiddish. Follow a busy toddler through his day and read rhymes that are sprinkled with Yiddish From preschool to the playground and back home again, there is plenty to keep a little boy and his toy frog busy Along the way, children and adults will realize how much of what they say is Yiddish Snyder s rhymes are clever and bouncy, perfect for a board book for the youngest listeners Beeke s illustrations are bright colored and always focused on the child This little gem of a b I cannot say enough good things about this book My baby smiles everytime I he sees it and I still enjoy reading it to him, even though we have read heard it over thirty times The pictures on each page are very cute and show

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