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[Epub] ↠ Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 7-9  Author Werner Stejskal – Pcusati.info Great and playful children s storiesStory 7, winterland, story 8, Baby Oliver, story 9, egging Each story was a masterpiece of children s stories The writing and greatness of the stories will enchant children, especially those who follow Oliver and Jumpy In Winterland, Oliver is the gentleman cat who does not like the cold, but he dresses warm enough to play with h More Enjoyable Stories from the Oliver Jumpy Series I love these entrancing stories of Oliver, the cool cat, and Jumpy, the sweet kangaroo friend and her youngster, Joey Winterland starts with Oliver sleeping on a nice warm kitty bed He dreams of being cold really cold, so he wakes He usually has a Pelican deliver breakfast, but the bird hasn t arrived Why Because Oliver s tree house is covered with snow Time for a Super Fun Day Baby Oliver is a once upon a time tale when Oliver was a baby He always felt warm and cozy with is mom Every day was play time for all his brother and sister kittens Oliver likes to scare his siblings and then wrestle with them Mom always taught them how to stay safe like when crossing a street She believes it is better to be a fat cat rather than a flat cat But soon, when confronted with a snake, These Illustrated Cat Stories Are All About Oliver And Jumpy , Who Are Best Of Friends And Experience Many Adventures Together Oliver Is An Elegant Black Tomcat, Who Is Full Of Himself As A Matter Of Fact He Says I Love Myself Quite Often Naughty, Isn T He But His Best Friend Jumpy, A Kangaroo Lady, Is Aware That It Is Only A Front Oliver Has A Soft Heart And Will Always Want To Help Others The Great Thing Is Jumpy S Pouch, Which Oliver Loves To Ride In He Calls Her His Kangaroo Taxi These Little Bedtime Stories With Their Lovely Illustrations Are Great For Small Kids A Parent Can Read The Text And Tell The Child In His Own Words These Animal Stories Have Sufficient Text To Keep Early Readers Happy And Provide Some Educational Value Depending On Your Device, There Is Popup Text At Or Audio Available Several Talented Illustrators Are Essential To Bring These Children S Stories To You In Quick Succession Love You All Meow Check Out The Free INTRODUCTION TO THE SERIES To See How Beautiful The Illustrations Are Story 7 WinterlandFun In The Snow..Story 8 Baby OliverYes, Oliver Has Been A Baby Too Story 9 EggingWatch What Hatches From A Big Egg. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewOliver and Jumpy, Stories 7 9 by Werner Stejskal is the third book in the series of Oliver and Jumpy These books each have 3 stories included All of them are filled with colorful and bright pictures The are bold Each story has a lesson to learn from it They will bring smiles and laughter to your child s face Oliver is a cat and Jumpy is his friend Story 7 shares the activities Oliver and Jumpy have with their friends in the snow They make a snowman and do other fun things Story 8 Oliver shares his story about his siblings and his parents We learn about some of their adventures Oliver even lets us find out about his first experience with water The book concludes with Story 9 in this story, we learn about egging I never knew what this was until Oliver explained it Everyone in the town gets an egg to take home to care for it The do everything that is needed to care and protect the egg until it hatches Oliver shares his experience with this and the outcome What does Oliver hatch You will be surprised I have read all three books in this series so far and they just keep getting better and better I love them I gave this book 5 stars but it really needs to have ma Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 7 9 by Werner Stejskal is a continuation of the Oliver and Jumpy series It is a thoroughly enjoyable Children s story Perfect for 7 8 year old s to read alone, or for parents to read to their younger children Perfect for the bedtime story and short enough to read all three if your child wants just one story.Story 7 Winterland deals exactly with what it sounds like.a winter wonderland It is very rare to snow in town of Sillandia When it does the schools close and everyone gets out and enjoys being in the snow.Story 8 Baby Oliver talks about Oliver and his family We see his parents and siblings, and how it was for him to live with his siblings Oliver as a kitten learning about his reflection in the lake and consequences for getting dirty and having to take a bath in the lake.Story 9 Egging has the town of Sillandia celebrating Spring and the birth of baby animals Each of the I received a copy to facilitate my review The opinions expressed here are my own.Oliver is a most prestigious cat who walks around with a top hat His best friend is Jumpy the kangaroo They have many adventures together In the first story Witerland , we find Oliver waiting for his breakfast, which always arrives by the Pelican Delivery Service He soon realizes they can t fly because of the beautiful snow outside Oliver gets dressed for the snowy outdoors and joins his friend Jumpy for a fun day in the snow.In the Second story Baby Oliver we learn about Oliver when he was a baby He loved stalking his sibligs for fun He always listened to the important lessons his mother taught himThe final story was called Egging This was a cute story At Eggng time each year all of the animals purchase a ticket with a numbher on it The number tells them which bird egg, donated by a bird mother, they will received They take their egg home and sit on it until it hatches The first features a rare snowstorm in the land of Silandia As I gaze out my window with the snow really falling, I must admit that the author captures the excitement children feel at the event For those unfamiliar with the series, Oliver is a rather conceited cat who is best friends with Jumpy, a kangaroo The mirror reinforces his view Then the story switches to the fun of sledding and building a snowman In story 8, Oliver reflects on his kittenhood Children will enjoy his exploits as well as the incidents of sibling rivalry, but mom manages to take care of him The third story switches to spring and egging time when all the citizens take responsibility for one bird egg Oliver gets quite a surprise when he sees what has hatched from his egg The stories are original and creative the illustrations are bold, vivid and expressive While the stories are promoted as bedtime stories, younger More great stories about Oliver and his friends Jumpy and Joey.Winterland Oliver wakes up to discover it has snowed overnight This results in a public holiday, so he prepares to go out and enjoy some fun with Jumpy and Joey Baby Oliver We get to meet Oliver s family, and learn about him as a kitten He has many adventures and learns much.Egging It s Egging Time in Sillandia Everyone gets an egg to take home and keep warm until it hatches Oliver gets a BIG surprise when his egg hatches These stories are great for young children, whether adults are reading them or beginning readers Oliver and Jumpy are cute stories for children that will keep them actively engaged as they learn about animals and good behavior The characters are sweet and the storyline is creative The illustrations are colorful and eye catching and will provide an enjoyable read for children an Werner Stejskal s Oliver and Jumpy is a picture book series geared towards preschool and primary readers For this review, I read Stories 7 9.Oliver, the main character, is a cat who lives in Sillandia, where one can never be sure of anything Loc 8 of 41 Illustrated by Marvin Alonso in Stories 7 and 8 and by Mayeee Ann Reyes in Story 9, Oliver brings to mind Tom of Tom and Jerry, only with a agreeable personality.His friend Jumpy, a kangaroo, appears only in Story 7, and aids Oliver in the building of a snowman on an unusual day in Sillandia when it snows.The vivid colors used in the illustrations is pleasing as well as the plot in Story 7 My problem was with the question asked of the young reader, Are you jealous Loc 20 of 41 by the narrator Oliver at the end of Story 7 With the negative connotation associated with the term jealous, I think the question would have been better served eliminated entirely for in the next sentence, I hope you will soon be able to race down a slope too and feel the cold Loc 21 of 41 , the positive tone of the picture book reappears and concludes the reading.Again, in Story 8, perhaps the term chasing would have been a better choice versus stalking as in Loc 23 of 41 considering the reader target audience of preschoolers and primary children.The lessons Oliver learns from

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