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[Ebook] On Politics  By Alan  Ryan – Pcusati.info Both A History And An Examination Of Human Thought And Behavior Spanning Three Thousand Years, On Politics Thrillingly Traces The Origins Of Political Philosophy From The Ancient Greeks To Machiavelli In Book I And From Hobbes To The Present Age In Book II Whether Examining Lord Acton S Dictum That Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Or Explicating John Stuart Mill S Contention That It Is Better To Be A Human Dissatisfied Than A Pig Satisfied, Alan Ryan Evokes The Lives And Minds Of Our Greatest Thinkers In A Way That Makes Reading About Them A Transcendent Experience Whether Writing About Plato Or Augustine, De Toqueville Or Thomas Jefferson, Ryan Brings A Wisdom To His Text That Illuminates John Dewey S Belief That The Role Of Philosophy Is Less To See Truth Than To Enhance Experience With This Unparalleled Tour De Force, Ryan Emerges In His Own Right As One Of The Most Influential Political Philosophers Of Our Time.

10 thoughts on “On Politics

  1. Justin Evans Justin Evans says:

    Talk about bad timing Ryan has obviously been writing this book for years now, and had it been released in, say, 2007, it would have seemed perfectly sensible It s important to discuss political ideas, to think about how we rule and are ruled, and from where we get our assumptions But with the world economy in a never ending tailspi...

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    After fits and starts, I have put this book down for another day although I did complete volume 1 and a good chunk of volume 2 On Politics A History of Political Thought From Herodotus to the Present by Alan Ryan s a magisterial work that brings together some of the great thinkers in Western political philosophy, and summarizes their points, and the history behind them Thinkers ranging from the ancient Greeks, such as Herodotus, Thucydides, Plato an

  3. Marks54 Marks54 says:

    A long time ago when I first took a class in political theory, we used George Sabine s magnificent history This book is a successor to Sabine although I have heard that the Sabine book is being updated It is a rich and wonderful book that I heartily recommend to anyone interest in classical approaches to political theory The book is organized to chapters that focus on a particular author and all the real classics are represented from Herodotus and Thucy

  4. Scriptor Ignotus Scriptor Ignotus says:

    An extremely well composed survey of western political theory, written by an accomplished political theorist Early in volume I, Ryan posits that the question of how men are best able to govern themselves has been one of the central refrains in the history of political thought His survey is written from the perspective of a proponent, albeit a cautious one, of modern liberalism One should not expect perfect objectivity or a full fleshing out of the theoretic

  5. Steven Peterson Steven Peterson says:

    This is a major work and a welcome one Once upon a time, I thought that Sabine s history of political philosophy was the apogee in this arena But I think that the author, Alan Ryan, has actually surpassed Sabine He does a nice job of introducing us to the variety of political thinkers over time But his analysis of the works going beyond just description is the real contribution of this two volume set Ryan notes that page xxiii This is a book about the answers t

  6. Kåre Kåre says:

    Fokus er p filosofi mindre end historie, men begge dele indg r Der tages udgangspunkt i en r kke ber mte filosofiske tekster om politik, og disse tekster indrammes gennem diskussioner af de historiske forhold for de samfund, hvori teksterne er skrevet Hermed udelades meget interessant, og m ske meget af det, som jeg synes er interessant Udeladt er s ledes alle politiske forhold fra f r, der blev skrevet interessante tekster om politik Jeg kender naturligvis en del

  7. Jim Jim says:

    on hold This book is being read by the Good Reads History Book Club for over a year and they are finishing shortly I became interested in checking out the book club upon reading that Neal Stephenson has been a member of a history only book club for twenty plus years Perhaps this Book One Two is available at the Nashua Public Library I am giving Book One a shot which is on hold This book is being read by the Good Reads History Book Club for over a year and they are fini

  8. Cary Kostka Cary Kostka says:

    The author accomplished something that I have not encountered yet a very in depth detailed account of political history He does a wonderful job of taking you through the political climes and thoughts of all ages from Socrates and Aristotle into today s very divisive political arenas The read is very long and information dense, so it will t...

  9. Jacqui Jacqui says:

    I enjoyed learning about so many great thinkers through the ages, and how they examined previous ideas and were inspired by or rejected them I loved to see how the thread of ideas from as early as Athens echo forward into the present day.The question How should human societies b...

  10. Jason Wilson Jason Wilson says:

    Two much to really sum up, but detailing the history of political thought from the Greeks to globalisation It s a stunning survey in the end though it all seems to boil down to the same questions about the political contract and the fact that rulers and ruled don t trust each other much.

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