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[PDF] ❤ Our Forgotten Years  ✮ Maggie Smith-Bendell – Pcusati.info Full Of The Language And Lore Of The Gypsies, This Remarkable Memoir Offers Insight Into The Romani Way Of Life From An Insider S Perspective Maggie Smith Bendell Shares Stories From Her Traditional Gypsy Childhood In The Rural South Of England, From Traveling The Countryside And Facing Hardships, Such As The Death Of A Family Member, To Catching Wild Animals And Earning A Living From The Woods, Hedgerows, And Fieldwork In The Area Moving And Inspiring, This Account Also Reflects Upon The Changes In The Law And Agriculture That Have Undermined The Gypsies Sense Of Freedom And Have Contributed To The Author S Position As A Prominent Campaigner For Gypsy Rights Filled With Traditional Recipes, Crafts, Old Songs, And Romani Words, This Record Includes The Knowledge And Skills That Have Been Passed On From Generation To Generation.

10 thoughts on “Our Forgotten Years

  1. Sarah Goodwin Sarah Goodwin says:

    This book was OK, which is really the only thing I can say about it After reading the Little House books, I was hoping for the same day to day

  2. Fi Fi says:

    This wasn t a book that gripped me, hence it took me ages to read with umpteen other books read in between The reminiscences of a gypsy childhood were

  3. Rachel Powell Rachel Powell says:

    An incredible read A fascinating insight into the Romani culture of the 50s Very upsetting towards the end reading about the continuing hardships experienced by

  4. Kate Kate says:

    I have never read such an honest and open account of a Romany family It was fascinating reading and told from the author s pov as a young girl with all her memories grow

  5. Bookworm Ava Bookworm Ava says:

    A rather sweet albeit moving at times, tale of life from the perspective of the traveller people, terribly moving at times but also parts that make you smile too Loved the insigh

  6. Jacqueline Jacqueline says:

    I love this book informative, fun yet incredibly moving A magical glimpse into life on the road.

  7. Coyney Coyney says:

    Love reading these sort of books

  8. Jessi Jessi says:

    This is a candid and entertaining account of one woman s life growing up in a gypsy family It isn t particularly well written, but it is an easy and enjoyable read.

  9. Kathleen Anthony Kathleen Anthony says:

    Rabbit stew and a penny or twoAbsolutely brilliant read around every page was great can not wait to readabsolutely brilliant well recommended very interesting read

  10. Anne Anne says:

    Wonderfully written in plain English about a bygone era of simpler time in England.

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