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➧ Our Lady of the Forest  Ebook ➭ Author David Guterson – Pcusati.info From David Guterson Bestselling Author Of Snow Falling On Cedars Comes This Emotionally Charged, Provocative Novel About What Happens When A Fifteen Year Old Girl Becomes An Instrument Of Divine Grace.Ann Holmes Is A Fragile, Pill Popping Teenaged Runaway Who Receives A Visitation From The Virgin Mary One Morning While Picking Mushrooms In The Woods Of North Fork, Washington In The Ensuing Days The Miracle Recurs, And The Declining Logging Town Becomes The Site Of A Pilgrimage Of The Faithful And Desperate As These People Flock To Ann And As Ann Herself Is Drawn Deeply Into What Is Either Holiness Or Madness Our Lady Of The Forest Seamlessly Splices The Miraculous And The Mundane.

10 thoughts on “Our Lady of the Forest

  1. Hazel Hazel says:

    While reading it, I was compelled to finish, as the author is a good story teller However, I always was slightly annoyed, and this is probably why the main character is a two dimensional waif she is repeatedly noted as virginal yet sexually alluring and it always went something like this her pale skin sho

  2. Megs Megs says:

    So, I know this will make me sound like an idiot, but I hate when writers don t use quotation marks for dialogue when it s a fiction novel told in the third person Especially when the books are mediocre So not only am I having to stop to think a bit when reading, I m having to stop to think for a not good book Whic

  3. Deborah Coleen Black Deborah Coleen Black says:

    This novel has made a deep impression on me I am not particularly religious, but surprised myself by being deeply moved by the religiosity of the mushroom picking teenage runaway, Ann Holmes, who experiences the Marian visions The flawed, but very human, not to say humane priest, Father Collins, also attracted my sympathy Th

  4. Dollie Dollie says:

    This is a dark book indeed but I thought it was a worthwhile read ALL of the characters are pathetic creatures but I suppose it is said God uses the most unlikeliest people Man, they don t comeunlikely Even the priest gave me the creeps Everytime I read a chapter, I felt covered in mildew it was so damp all the time I really liked how

  5. Sara Sara says:

    Very disappointing and quickly abandoned I have loved reading Guterson s Snow Falling on Cedars and East of the Mountains, so this was a surprise for me I had to read the blurb on the back to convince myself that I hadn t gotten him confused with someone else in picking up this book...

  6. Beth Beth says:

    There are reasons I d like to give this a five star review and reasons I d like to give it a one star review, so I ve split the difference Here are the five star bits Guterson s use of language is rich beautiful scene setting I was _in_ the Pacific Northwest on every page It drips with detail character development most characters live and breathe and are

  7. Saleh MoonWalker Saleh MoonWalker says:

    Onvan Our Lady Of The Forest Nevisande David Guterson ISBN 747568219 ISBN13 9780747568216 Dar 336 Safhe Saal e Chap 2003

  8. Janeen Janeen says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Summary Our Lady of the Forest is great book that allows a great plot and the characters to expand themselves The book spans over a short time of less than a week, telling the story of a young girl, Ann, claiming to see the Virgin Mary, while picking mushrooms Ann is a poor girl, who lives by he

  9. Jen Jen says:

    I made it to disc 5 of 10 in this and had to stop listening reading I couldn t do it What is it about postmodern writings that everyone has to be hella depressing and have terribly uncomfortable and pessimistic sex with everyone I don t get that Plots can go along just fine without it I promise.So I actually didn t realize much of what this was about when I picked it up because somet

  10. Stephen Gallup Stephen Gallup says:

    This story revolves around a character who is a vital presence at the outset, with disturbing memories, and then, as she is seenandfrom the perspective of others, gradually becomes objectified Ann is an adolescent runaway with a domestic situation behind her that would inspire just about anyone to flee She now has no home other than a sagging tent pitched at a campground outside a down at the

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