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!!> Reading ➵ Queering the Text  ➭ Author Andrew Ramer – Pcusati.info Andrew Ramer S New Book,Queering The Text Biblical, Medieval, And Modern Jewish Stories , Grapples With Traditional Midrashim, Plays With Homoerotic Love Poems From Medieval Spain, And Envisions Alternate Versions Of The Present Inspired By The Pioneering Work Of Jewish Feminists, Using The Same Narrative Tools As The Rabbis Of Old, Ramer Has Crafted Stories That Anchor LGBT Lives In The Three Thousand Year Old History Of The Jewish People The Universe Is Made Up Of Stories, Not Atoms, Wrote Poet Muriel Ruckeyser The Stories In This Book Will Transport You To A New Universe The One We Are Striving To Create, Right Here And Now.

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  1. Julene Julene says:

    In the introduction Andrew Ramer speaks to root of his stories, In Hebrew, these stories are called midrashim, from the root drash, to inquire Midrashim are designated to fill gaps in scripture For example, the Torah prohibits work on the Sabbath, without defining what s forbidden Legal midrashim enumerate the categories of banned work Narrative mi

  2. Jerry L. Wheeler Jerry L. Wheeler says:

    One would think a gay re interpretation of Jewish scriptures might be tough going in spots, but Ramer makes an effort to bepointed than pedantic And when it shines, as in the middle section, Al Andalus Tales of an Imaginary Spai...

  3. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    2010 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

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