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[Read] ➵ Real or Fake?  Author Emily Krieger – Pcusati.info Can You Tell The Truth From A Tall Tale Spot A Phony Photo A Mile Away Figure Out A Fib In Five Second Flat Then Real Or Fakeis The Book For You Put Your Amateur Detective Skills To Work In This Fun And Wacky Book And See If The Truth Triumphs As You Encounter Suspicious Stories, Fishy Facts, Lying Lists, And You Ll Even Play Interactive Games That Will Leave You Second Guessing Everything You Ve Ever Read Complete With Awesome Photos And Hilarious Collage Art, This Is One Book That You Have To Read To Believe Or Disbelieve.

10 thoughts on “Real or Fake?

  1. Stephanie (Reading is Better With Cupcakes) Stephanie (Reading is Better With Cupcakes) says:

    Review to come

  2. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    This travel size 6 1 2 square book presents a large variety of odd occurrences, and asks readers to decide whether they are real or fake Each topic gets a four page spread, with the first two pages telling the story and showing pictures of, for example, a 1950s spaghetti harvest in Italy of the event, and the next two pages explaining either what really did happen or why it did not These are not grouped in any discernible way, with tales of animals mixed in wit

  3. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    What a fun way to get kids learning give them the craziest stories, and show them that truth is truly stranger than fiction Real or Fake is loaded with news stories some are real, some are made up, but can readers figure out which is which Answers are explained on a following spread, and a meter icon shows readers whether the story is Honest Abe , A Little White Lie , or a Big Ol Whopper Fun Facts are sprinkled throughout the book did you know it s illegal to throw

  4. Kristi Bernard Kristi Bernard says:

    Tiny mites are crawling all over your parents faces Is this real or fake A study proved it to be true Theses mini mites don t crawl on kid faces at all But, there is Micro chameleons, roaches, louse and pinworms are also critters that like to live on humans You might be wondering if you could mail a coconut without putting it in a package Do you know if ancient romans used urine as mouthwash Are tiger cubs born furless and without stripes The answers are found throughou

  5. Heidi Heidi says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interactive book from National Geographic Kids The book consists of a selection that covers a four page spread The first two pages introduce the story then leaving the reader to figure out if the story is real or fake The second two pages explain the truth about the story Additional sections of the book include photographs that may or may not have been manipulated Also a section about identifying lies, headlines, or place names adds fun to the book C

  6. Kellee Kellee says:

    Full review with teaching tools National Geographic text was really fascinating I loved reading the little synopsis then trying to guess if the scenario is true or not Although some were quite obvious to me, I best many of them will trick students As a teacher, I also think this book ...

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