10 thoughts on “Return to the Olive Farm

  1. Teresa Teresa says:

    I have a secret to tell I have been renting an olive farm in Provence since 2001 when I first read Carol Drinkwater s memoir The Olive Farm well, in my dreams, I have I know that there is a myriad of travel memoirs out there, all wanting to impart their story of how a crumbling old house was restored to grandeur, usually peppered with a few anecdotes about quirky locals just to add extra ambiance, n est ce pas

  2. Diane Will Diane Will says:

    Another wonderful read from Carol Full of the passion and love for her beloved Apassionata and how perfect she wants it to be, like all of her other books in this series In an ideal world organic olive tree farming would be the way, but this has its ups and a lot of downs, but Carol shows us the way with her grit determination to find outNot all agree with the way forward but decisions have to be made for the best of

  3. Nicki Nicki says:

    I ve really enjoyed this last book in the Olive Farm series which brings it right up to date it was lovely to meet the old and new characters in the author s life to read about her sturggle s with going organice i found it really interesting and quite inspiring at times, such is her writing.

  4. Fay Fay says:

    If this is the last of the Olive Farm series, it s ending with a bang I think this is the best book so far Ms Drinkwater writes with an emotion that I didn t feel in the previous books, all of which I enjoyed She lays herself bare in terms of her dedication to keeping the earth clean even to the point of considering leaving Appassionata rather than continuing to spray against the fly that infests the olive harvest She takes us throug

  5. Emma Emma says:

    Makes me want to be a bee keeper, Olive growing, fruit Love Carole s work Makes me want to be a bee keeper, Olive growing, fruit Love Carole s work

  6. Ingrid Verschelling Ingrid Verschelling says:

    Een leven tussen de olijfbomen is inmiddels het vierde boek van Carol Drinkwater, een Britse actrice, over haar boerderij Appassionata in de Provence Dit boek vertelt over haar strijd tegen de schadelijke bestrijdingsmiddelen en haar liefde voor de natuur.Na een reis rond de Middellandse Zee rond het thema olijven keert Carol Drinkwater weer terug op haar boerderij in de Zuid Franse Provence Carol en haar man Michel, een Franse filmproducer, hebben

  7. Kate McKinstry Kate McKinstry says:

    As always, Carol Drinkwater has her own view on life and the way it should be And as always, she writes life as it happens, without glossing over the tougher parts, with an honesty and imagery I have not found in any other author Her road to farm her land organically is a hard one, and at the end of the book it was not complete or resolved But reading her growing and developing philosophy on Nature and what she can and cannot control, I found very uplifting

  8. Carmen Carmen says:

    Carol Drinkwater is the actress who starred in the All Creatures Great and Small series But in her real life, she runs an olive farm in France with her husband This is the fifth or sixth one in the series, I ve skipped some, in which they buy and renovate an old farmhouse and farm Carol questions her usage of pesticides in this book and wavers over whether they should sell this farm and buy another at a higher altitude that doesn t need so much pesticides It is as

  9. Chris Chris says:

    I loved all of these books in her series She writes poetically and these books are both a memoir and travelogue.Start with 1 The Olive Farm 2001 2 Olive Season 2003 3 Olive Harvest 2005 4 Return to the Olive Farm 2011 Read these in order They are about this actress s life and love in the south of France, just outside of Cannes where they bought an old Olive Farm The adventures and difficulties they encountered were many, but they had rich experiences with the colouful char

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    Lost interestI enjoyed the first two books in the series, read but was less enthralled by the travel memoirs, and didn t finish this one I liked the stories of renovation, I guess, but don t care so much about the farming and I really don t like Carol Drink water herself very mu...

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