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[ Epub ] ➟ Robotics  Author Alan Winfield – Pcusati.info Robotics Is A Key Technology In The Modern World, A Well Established Part Of Manufacturing And Warehouse Automation, Assembling Cars Or Washing Machines, Or Moving Goods To And From Storage Racks For Internet Mail Order Robots Have Taken Their First Steps Into Homes And Hospitals, And Have Seen Spectacular Success In Planetary Exploration Yet Despite These Successes, Robots Have Failed To Live Up To The Predictions Of The 1950s And 60s, When It Was Widely Thought By Scientists As Well As The Public That We Would Have, By Now, Intelligent Robots As Butlers, Companions, Or Co Workers This Very Short Introduction Explains How It Is That Robotics Can Be Both A Success Story And A Disappointment, And How Robots Can Be Both Ordinary And Remarkable Alan Winfield Introduces The Subject By Looking At The Parts That Together Make A Robot Not Surprisingly, These Parts Each Have A Biological Equivalent A Robot S Camera Is Like An Animal S Eyes, A Robot S Microcomputer Is Equivalent To An Animal S Brain, And So On By Introducing Robots In This Way This Book Builds A Conceptual, Non Technical Picture Of What A Robot Is, How It Works, And How Intelligent It Is.

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  1. Bojan Tunguz Bojan Tunguz says:

    Robots are very fascinating entities, and they have always been one of the foremost subjects of science fiction The very name robot originated in science fiction writing, although one could argue that the notion of autonomous mechanical artifacts has a very long tradition that predates science fiction The golden age of robots in science fiction was probably a few decades ago Unfortunately as the developments in robotics have lagged

  2. Daniel Wright Daniel Wright says:

    Of all the wide range of academic subjects being studied at present, robotics is one of the most likely to stir up popular interest The author of this book wisely sidesteps philosophical and ethical questions about artificial intelligence a subject generally best left to sci fi writers , ...

  3. Dennis Robbins Dennis Robbins says:

    I ve read many books on robotics and if you have never read one this where to begin Afterwards I would read the classic Vehicles Experiments in Synthetic Psychology 1984 by Valentino Braitenberg and then The Robotics Primer 2007 by Maja Mataric But read this one first and soon as the field of...

  4. Lalit Tomar Lalit Tomar says:

    Excellent introduction to the vast field of robotics grander ideas simply explained was a delight to read

  5. David Roberts David Roberts says:

    The book I read to research this post was Robotics A Very Short Introduction by Alan Winfield which is a very good book which I bought from kindle The term robot was coined by a Czech author in a science fiction novel Probably the science fiction author most associated with robots is Isaac Asimov who wrote I Robot among other books The idea in that robots will be like people s helpers is likely to start to become a reality by about 2020

  6. Ella Ella says:

    Really concise but it didn t seem to cut back on detail and was written clearly so someone with no prior knowledge would be alienated Thoroughly recommend for people looking for an introduction into robotics.

  7. Sean J Sean J says:

    I originally picked up this book with a few others from the Oxford University Press that had caught my eye when I had first found their very short introduction series a quick and consise presentation into a subject, through the words and ways of the world s best and brightest But why robotics, you ask Why not, I say My knowledge of robots was limited to the fables and imagination machine of Hollywood, so this book was a refreshing take on

  8. James Carmichael James Carmichael says:

    A briskly written, unassuming and clear introduction to a number of the topic that touches on the big philosophy what is intelligence what is consciousness etc but stays nicely focused on concrete current state of the art and applications.

  9. Syed Hameed Syed Hameed says:

    alan winfield

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