Safe Eating: Protect Yourself and Your Family Against

Safe Eating: Protect Yourself and Your Family Against It s an alarming fact our food is making us sick There aremillion or cases of food borne illnesses every year, resulting in , deaths E coliH causes over , illnesses and kills up topeople annually Two to four million illnesses occur in the US each year from salmonellaThe list goes on But you do not have to be on itA physician who is also a food safety expert, and an award winning journalist, now provide the facts you need to prevent and find treatment for food borne infections caused by bad bugs that cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted This groundbreaking book tells you How to stop % of food poisoning risks immediatelywith just two simple practices Which foods and food preparation practices place you at a higher risk of illness How to eat safely in restaurants, at parties, and while traveling Why taking antibiotics and antacids puts you at greater risk How to distinguish between food poisoning and the stomach flu What to do if you re sickand when to get medical attention fast

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