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  é Savage PDF/EPUB ✓ Doc is back at it and this time he s not holding anything back His actions aren t as predicable as they were before He s stepping out of his comfort zone and taking Detective Gwendolyn Anderson on a murderous rideIt has only just begunGwen is on the verge of a nervous breakdown This case might end up being the death of her No sleeping No eating Living, breathing, only for this case The day comes when she finally has a suspect Is it the savage serial killer that s been on a spree in Valentino County She finally realizes, it s someone that s right in front of her

10 thoughts on “Savage (Episode 2- The Killer Novella Series)

  1. Susan Ward Susan Ward says:

    Crime thriller novellas are new for me and I m learning to love them thanks to Olivia Howe OK, this is a touch of The Following mixed with a smidgen of romance, and I thoroughly enjoyed it These novellas are fast, pithy read

  2. Louisa Louisa says:

    Part 2 was just as good as part 1OMG so so good I just devoured the bookThe Doc was who I thought he was but I still enjoyed the journey and the the twist at the end I didn t see that comingCan t wait for part 3 and what comes next

  3. Karen Alleyne Karen Alleyne says:

    I found so many no no no with this book I can t understand how it wasn t highlighted to the attention of others that wrote a review This is a Homicide Detective on a high profile case of a serial killer that drinks a lot of whiskey What i

  4. Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers says:

    4.5 Stars Savage picks up a week after Killer ended The Doctor is becoming bored with his killings and decides to take them up a notch He is still taunting Gwen and it s driving her crazyGwen and her partner Devon have finally found some leads w

  5. Kathy Wideman Kathy Wideman says:

    This is the second novella in this series and they must be read in order I was completely sucked in after reading the first Novella and loved this one just as much I had a suspicion about who the Doc was and I was right This story pulls you in in the s

  6. Lindsay Thompson-Sublett Lindsay Thompson-Sublett says:

    This book is a 3 1 2 4 STARS for me This is a fast paced book which was a nice change for me Sometimes I want a quick read and this was it for me There was a twist in this book that I never saw coming which makes me ready to read episode 3 SPOILER ALERT I kne

  7. Cynthia Ogg Cynthia Ogg says:

    Knocking off a star for the editing here It was hard to follow at times because of the choppy sentences That being said this is a really fast and intense read and I immediately moved from book 1 to book 2 Gwen is sassy, arrogant and a pain in the ass On the heels of

  8. Ashley Hedden Ashley Hedden says:

    Savage by Olivia Howe was a great continuation of Killer This has been such a great series that I have enjoyed reading so far I can t wait to read what else happens for Gwen She has been through so much because of Doc I hope to seeof a spark between Devon and Gwen The craz

  9. Sandy Montemayor Sandy Montemayor says:

    Loved itWow, this keeps getting better I feel so bad for Gwen, the Doctor has really gotten to her And the cliffhanger had me in shock Can t wait to find out what happens next.

  10. Emma White Emma White says:

    Love it can t wait for the next in the series

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