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☂ Shadows of Ice (WarCraft: The Sunwell Trilogy, #2)  PDF / Epub ✐ Author Richard A. Knaak – Pcusati.info On The War Ravaged World Of Azeroth, A Young Blue Dragon S Quest For A Mysterious Power Has Led Him And His Companions To The Remote Mountains Of Northern Lordaeron In That Frozen, Treacherous Wasteland, They Find Themselves Caught In A Battle Of Life, Death And Undeath Jae Hwan Kim, Artist Of The Best Selling King Of Hell Series, And Richard A Knaak, The New York Times Best Selling Author, Whisk You Back To The World Of Warcraft With The Bone Chillingly Sinister Shadows Of Ice A Well Told, Exciting Story Kim S Beautiful Art Has An Amazing Depth And Fluidity That Sets It Apart Tina Coleman, American Library Association

10 thoughts on “Shadows of Ice (WarCraft: The Sunwell Trilogy, #2)

  1. Crystal Dawn Crystal Dawn says:

    After finishing the first one, I needed to read the second above all else I was mystified by the lore of Warcraft and the mythology if nothing else that the book contained It baffled me how so many claim to hate it, particularly of those, the players I was delighted to lean background knowledge for characters and places I was ignorant of before Regardless this book didn t

  2. Kevin J.J. Carpenter Kevin J.J. Carpenter says:

    The story direction definitely took an unexpected turn from the end of the previous entry The tangential arc of the rogue scourge agent which had very little to do with the first volume, excusing a brief mention of Arthas felt altogether pointless You could literally snip out the larger chunk of the second volume, and the greater tale at large would not feel at all dismantled I

  3. Emm Emm says:

    I wish I could mark this one a 3.5 I loved the subplot with Baron and Targ Targ was so cool and brave and true in his friendship I am becomingintrigued by what Anveena is and what is her tie to this power everyone senses in her Raac is so adorable I like the relationship ties that are being played with Ty...

  4. Brie Hillman Brie Hillman says:

    Pretty damn good.

  5. Justin Justin says:

    It is interesting following this story I suspect that there ismaterial for the story that can fit into 3 volumes but it is kind of interesting Unfortunately I don t think there has been enough time developing the villains so they re not really all that villainy.

  6. Amedeea Amedeea says:


  7. Charlie Devlin Charlie Devlin says:

    The best most suspenseful story in the sunwell trilogy.

  8. Chip Hunter Chip Hunter says:

    This second installment in the Sunwell Trilogy of manga style comics is neither overly impressive or disappointing If you ve read the first, you pretty much know what to expect from this one too Basically, the art is beautiful and really carries the story, bringing to life heroes and villains The text is bare bones and only enough to move the story is included The story develops nicley here and I m looking

  9. Aaron Aaron says:

    As a pretty avid player of the game World of Warcraft, I was looking forward to this graphic novel trilogy set in the war torn island of Azeroth, one of the islands that make up the fantastical world in the game.The main character is a Kalec, a man who is not really a man Instead, he is a blue dragon who can transform into a man He has come to this area of Azeroth to try and prevent the Sunwell from falling unde

  10. Moose Moose says:

    I would describe this sequel as better than the first, but only by a half star I d give a 2.5 if I could I thought the depth of the plot was better this time around Trag periodically spoke like Yoda which was inconsistent and bizarre I really enjoyed having a Tauren around, however, and wished he had beenof a feature part in the rest of the series Kalec spent the majority of the book trying to tap into his power rese

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