Kindle Edition é Silent Desire PDF ✓

Kindle Edition  é Silent Desire PDF ✓ Samson has reached his limit The marriage vows said for better or for worse, but he hasn t seen the better in the nearly five years that he s been married to Kerry Ann After overcoming two major obstacles in their marriage, Samson thought they were headed in a positive direction All of a sudden, she s steering clear of him and won t tell him why With her silence, he concludes that she s making him suffer for his past mistake In truth, Kerry Ann has a real problem that she s ashamed to share with her husband Add unexpected houseguests, whom Samson can t stand, to the existing tension, and the problem between them escalates Frustrated beyond endurance, Samson just wants the problems to go away so that he can be with his wife All Kerry Ann wants is understanding and assurance But with each of them carrying unspoken desires in their hearts, will they ever come to a point of understanding This is a novella about secondary characters from the book, Scandal in the Sanctuary Nevertheless, this work can be read independently

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