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[Read] ➸ Sinfully Ever After (Book Club Belles Society, #2)  ➵ Jayne Fresina – Pcusati.info Teaching Scandalous Young Men A Lesson This Is Not Your Typical Book ClubTo Rebecca Sherringham, All Men Are Open Books Read Quickly And Forgotten Perhaps She S Just Too Practical For Love The Last Thing She Needs Is Another Bore Around Especially One That S Supposed To Be Dead.Captain Lucius Luke Wainwright Turns Up A Decade After Disappearing Without A Trace He S On A Mission To Claim His Birthright, And He S Not Going Away Again Until He Gets It But Becky And The Ladies Of The Village Book Club Belles Society Won T Let This Rogue Get Away With His Sins He Ll Soon Find That Certain Young Ladies Are Accustomed To Dealing With Villains.

10 thoughts on “Sinfully Ever After (Book Club Belles Society, #2)

  1. WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker says:

    2.5 starsI thought the second half was better but the romance between our couple never fully developed I see what the author was trying to do, two gruff individuals battling to not fall in love, but the execution failed Rebecca our heroine was frosty for far too long.

  2. Zee Monodee Zee Monodee says:

    4.5 starsI thought this historical romance would be different , based on what I read in the blurb I ll admit I peeked at some reviews online to see what people were saying, and some kinda put me off reading this book, because they said the heroine was not nice and the hero had whatever came his way comingIt soundedlike a taming of

  3. Lover of Romance Lover of Romance says:

    Sinfully Ever After is the second book in this series, and the first book I have ever read from this author Now some of you may wonder why I gave it a lower rating, well I wish I could say that I fell in love with this one, but frankly I had a hard time keeping up with this one Now I will say that there were some aspects I really enjoyed,

  4. Taryn Taryn says:

    Duller than an unpolished Petoskey stone in Lake Superior

  5. Nikita Nikita says:

    I really liked the hero in this story Luke is a great blend of mischievous scoundrel with a healthy dose of honor and a dash of gruff, but charming demeanor Rebecca, the heroine, is quite headstrong and demanding, almost to the point of being a little too modern sometimes, but compliments Luke very well, even if she wasn t exactly kind to him at the beginni

  6. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    An unconventional hero and heroine for historical romance, we re not looking at the creme de la creme of society here, but instead a young woman who is struggling to keep her father comfortable, and man over a decade older who has to reform his crude, blunt edged ways.I really enjoyed this story It s in that vein of gentler romance, with the threatsof a social reput

  7. Tasha Tasha says:

    Rebecca has always taken care of her father and brother and doesn t want or need another man to take care of Her brother unfortunately has a penchant for trouble and tries to convince her to bring their last family heirloom to pay off his gambling debts Rebecca shows up alright and meets the man he owes but instead of taking her heirloom he gives her a card with an IOU a kis

  8. etherealfire etherealfire says:

    Library Kindle e book

  9. Stevie Carroll Stevie Carroll says:

    Previously reviewed at The Good, The Bad and The Unread I m less familiar with the plot of Sense and Sensibility than I am with that of Pride and Prejudice, but I was still looking forward to seeing what Jayne Fresnia and her Book Club Belles made of the former, after loving Fresnia s treatment of the latter Once again we find ourselves in the little village of Hawcombe Prior, this time short

  10. Gaele Gaele says:

    The second in the Book Club Belles Society, the set up is simple The five young ladies that are met in the story are reading the newly released Pride and Prejudice, and setting out to find their own Darcy In this book, we are following Rebecca s story, and I will say from the get go that she was not a favorite of mine In fact, she reminds me very much of Emma, another Austen character that is difficul

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