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[Epub] ↠ Sinner  Author Lino Rulli – Pcusati.info What Catholic Guy Made Money As An Organ Grinder S Assistant, Spent One On One Time With John Paul II, Met A Very Nice Thai Prostitute, And Confessed His Sins On A Beanbag Chair Lino Rulli, Of Course Lino Rulli Has A Style And Personality Not Typically Found In The World Of Religious Media In This Fast And Funny Collection Of Stories From His Own Life, The Catholic Guy Speaks Honestly About His Failures, Successes, And Embarrassing Moments His Regular Guy Approach To Catholicism Is Both Humble And Hilarious.The Audio Edition Of This Book Can Be Downloaded Via Audible.

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  1. Tina Tina says:

    Original post at One More PageI had no idea who Lino Rulli was until I heard him on Lifeteen s Holy Week podcast, which was actually his show with Mark Hart the Bible Geek as guest I listen to a few Catholic podcasts, but I have never heard of him until then, so I admit that I wasn t really sure what to expect when I started listening to the episode that Good F

  2. Stephen Z. Stephen Z. says:

    1 Lino Rulli is compared to C.S Lewis, by me.2 I will probably spend money because of this book, than almost any other book.3 Lino Rulli compares himself my hero, Archbishop Sheen.4 Lino Rulli inspires me to do better at my faith.All three of these statements is true, but some may not be what you think, but I wanted to make Lino feel better.1 Lino Rulli is compared to

  3. Jeff Miller Jeff Miller says:

    Lino Rulli who hosts The Catholic Guy on Sirius Radio has written a autobiography simply named sinner I first became aware of Lino back in 2006 when he invited me on his show I soon came to appreciate his quick wit and banter While I don t have Sirius radio I listen to the podcast highlights of his show and follow him on Twitter I also remember being rather impressed with the

  4. Karlton Karlton says:

    Whaddaya know a funny Catholic I subcribe to a lot of Catholic radio podcasts I often get tired of questions by the uptight members of the flock about whether we should hold hands at Mass or take the Host in the palm of the hand Since I don t get satellite radio, this audiobook the first time I had come across this Catholic Guy His brutal, self effacing comedy is music to my Gen X ear

  5. Bob Bob says:

    I hate to feed Lino Rulli s ego, but here goes His book Sinner had me chuckling out loud.Fortunately there s a good dose of humility left in the St Paul native despite his success in both television and radio When that s combined with the self deprecating humor that he spreads on pretty thickly in stories from his relatively young life and times, it makes for reading that s both funny and I m

  6. Deanna Deanna says:

    In Sinner, Rulli tells about his life the way you would hear it from your friend over a drink Is being a Catholic always easy No But, as you read through the chapters you realize that to Rulli, it is worth it He is funny, very funny and honest about who he is HIs chapters on Confession combined with the chapter on his doctor visit while in grad school is enough to recommend the book Through all the j

  7. Vincent Pham Vincent Pham says:

    I have only known of Lino Rulli, The Catholic Guy , host of The Catholic Guy Show on Sirius XM only a little than two years ago I learned of Lino Rulli through a video of him and Catholic artist Steve Angrisano singing a newly composed country song, Lord, You Make Me Smile, on Facebook in November of 2015 Clicking on Lino Rulli s Facebook page led me to a whole new window of Catholic media Since then, I hav

  8. David David says:

    A fun collection of anecdotes and essays If you re a fan of Rulli s you ll really enjoy this book It s a light read with frequent deep chuckles and some really memorable characters Stories of his time in Italy are particularly compelling, as his personality and his faith really come through best in those moments He s equally unashamed of his flaws and his past as he is of the pursuit of enlightenment that not so cas

  9. Joe Joe says:

    This book is what I expected quick and easy to read, laugh out loud funny at times, a little bit silly, and a moderate dose of good advice for a Catholic It helped that I actually spent a week with the author last month, so it helped to imagine his voice talking during the book since he writes the same way he talks The book didn t change my life but I m glad I spent the time to read it.

  10. Megan Megan says:

    I can hear Lino s voice in my head throughout the entire thing I laughed and smiled along the way, but mostly thought, Wow, someone else has had these exact thoughts I ve met Lino in person and he s every bit as genuine in real life as he portrays in Sinner Would recommend to anyone Catholic or not.

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