Socks: The Rule Book: 10 essential rules for the wearing

Socks: The Rule Book: 10 essential rules for the wearing Socks They are a serious business Socks are the glue that binds an outfit together, the telling detail that shows that a man understands what it is to be stylish But they are also a minefield of potential fashion disasters and style pitfalls What style of socks should you wear with a brogue Are patterned socks permissible with sneakers How high should you roll up your trouser leg Are socks and sandals ever acceptable But fear no Socks The Rule Book will solve your hosiery dilemmas Laying out the ten fundamental rules of sock wearing with fashion conscious advice and a knowing sense of humour, this book answers hitherto unanswered questions and establishes clear guidelines for every aspect of the sock world No

10 thoughts on “Socks: The Rule Book: 10 essential rules for the wearing and appreciation of men's hosiery

  1. Joey Kaching Joey Kaching says:

    Stylish, vibrant, high quality finish, witty, informative, easy reading, beautifully crafted Everything you want in a good coffee table or fashion book.On behalf of sock aficionados the world over, I commend this book to you and your wardrobe.

  2. Wallace Wallace says:

    Some may think that this book is not worth the reading Others may consider it to be only a coffee table folly But, they would both be so wrong I am a sock aficionado I am a single brand sort of a guy Happy Socks I have about 40 pairs of socks, with a few kept new for emergency occasions The best t

  3. Paul Paul says:

    Some funny witticisms, but largely toe in sock humour helps pull this book through Yet I felt it lacked imagination and some serious style points have been lost for the high praise dolled out to camouflage socks The images also seemed to be an afterthought, often with little relevance to the finer

  4. Sutton Amthor Sutton Amthor says:

    I loved this book It was so, so funny while also being extremely informative.

  5. Adam Cassar Adam Cassar says:

    Surprisingly, it was an amusing read.

  6. Tim Roast Tim Roast says:

    I have often wondered as I meander along the sunny beaches of my home town Luton in my little white shorts whether it is appropriate to be wearing these thick socks with my sandals Now thanks to this book I know the answer.I have also often wondered to myself what socks I should wear when I grace the

  7. Jason Jason says:

    I enjoyed the tongue in cheek humour, making it a rather fun read while I also got a few good tips for how to up one s sock game.

  8. Glenn Glenn says:

    A good guide for wearing great socks

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