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!!> BOOKS ✸ Fairy Dreams ✮ Author Gwyneth Rees – Pcusati.info A Evie Vai Passar Uma Temporada A Casa Da Av E, Uma Noite, Faz Uma Descoberta Maravilhosa Descobre Que Os Sonhos V M Da Terra Dos Sonhos, Trazidos Pelas Fadas Que Moram Mesmo Por Baixo Da Sua Cama As Fadas Dos Sonhos E O Melhor De Tudo Que As Pr Prias Fadas A Levam Numa Fant Stica Viagem Terra Dos Sonhos, Onde Ela Conhece A Rainha Celeste.A Maior Surpresa, Por M, Acontece Quando A Evie Percebe Que A Av Tamb M Capaz De Ver As Fadas Mas, Ser Que As Fadas Ainda V O L Estar Quando A Av Regressar Do Hospital E O Que Poder A Evie Fazer Para Garantir Que A Magia Especial Que A Une Sua Av Perdure Para Sempre

10 thoughts on “Fairy Dreams

  1. Evie Evie says:

    I think this book is very good beacuse it amaganative it hasn t got any GORE in it that is another reason why i like it I aslo think that the author Gweyneth Rees is a very imaganative character in her, herself The story is about a girl named Evie and her family They have been to visit her nan and the day they got back they got a phone call saying that she has has a stroke So they go and live

  2. falling asleep reading falling asleep reading says:


  3. Beth Beth says:

    I loved this book when I was little and I was absolutely thrilled to finally find it again this year I ve had the basic plot in my head for years but I couldn t for the life of me remember what it was...

  4. Rosie Rosie says:

    this book just absolutely wrecked my whole shop really did not remember how it ended from the fifteen times i read it as a child

  5. Kestrel Class Kestrel Class says:

    This book was very exciting and mysterious

  6. Malu Malu says:

    i love this book.this is great.i thought i was going to the dream world.

  7. Jacey Jacey says:

    This was my favourite among all The Fairy Dust books by Gwyneth I loved all of them, but this definitely was the star for me It was such a fun book I really loved the dream fairies I still remember their names, Moonbeam and Star and their shenanigans, from having kick ...

  8. ember ember says:

    I read this series when I was about 7 or so I really enjoyed them at the time These books bring back so many memories of my younger childhood I remember I went on holidays during the school holidays to a beach, and I remember lying in bed, and reading these books They were some of my favourites

  9. Susan Susan says:

    Really good to read

  10. Maria Maria says:

    I read these books when I was much younger and they were so magically written that I believed in fairies Would highly recommend them

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