10 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Wrath of Darth Maul

  1. Magenta Cooly Magenta Cooly says:

    Seeing Maul go through everything he did as a child was hard to watch.Watching the wretched hunk of my life grow up was definitely the most interesting aspect of the book Every trial and error took us a step closer to understanding the horrors of Maul s childhood, born with the Force or not, I m still having troub

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    Finally we get to seeof the origin behind the infamous Sith Lord, Darth Maul I read this novel in one afternoon as I couldn t put it down The story mainly focuses on the childhood and the training of Darth Maul, but we also get to get his perspective in the events from The Phantom Menace In addition, we get a better unders

  3. Marianna Marianna says:

    Rating 4 Stars out of 5.Darth Maul needs a hug.If there was a takeaway point to this book, that was the one I learned Really, this book could be called The Tragedy of Darth Maul There was a lot of wrath going on, but this book really is at its best while chronicling Maul s traumatic childhood experiences and turning him into someon

  4. Jill booksandescape Jill booksandescape says:

    The Wrath of Darth Maul by Ryder Windham tells the story of Darth Maul, a Sith first seen in Star Wars Episode I This novel not only tells Maul s side of the story of the events that take place in The Phantom Menace, but it also gives us a backstory of what it was like for him growing up and being trained by Darth Sidious I was truly surpri

  5. Donovan Donovan says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This novel is aimed at a younger generation of reader and doesn t contain the hard edged grit that I think it could have had to make it a leading novel for the Star Wars universe It gives a fresh view on the life of Darth Maul and his place in the SW universe I couldn t

  6. Roger Colby Roger Colby says:

    This is a really good book and reveals much detail about the life of our favorite Sith, but after the plot reaches the point where the films take over specifically The Phantom Menace it was like Windham was trying to finish quickly to get it out to press The author even states at the end of the book that most of his material came from other novelizations and

  7. Cody Cody says:

    The book tell you in depth the story behind Darth Maul and his life story It also tells about the story behind the Sith.

  8. Hayla Hayla says:

    This book gave me major feels I love Maul and readingabout his past broke my heart for him evenI also appreciated the attempt to stay true to both legends and new canon Canon What I didn t love was the undefined timeline maul goes from a toddler to a teenager and through the book I was totally confused when the growing up took place I also wish Maul s loyalty to Sidious would

  9. Ashley Marie Ashley Marie says:

    When I watched The Phantom Menace I thought Darth Maul was so cool and scary looking Like no joke I was kinda scared of him but after reading this I was just blown away I really do love learning about characters pasts and reading on how Darth Maul became how he is was interesting and wow lol

  10. Brian Komo Brian Komo says:

    The Wrath of Darth Maul by Ryder Windham is a sci fi book about the Star Wars character Darth Maul I really enjoyed the book, it s beyond what I expected it to be It shows how dark Maul s childhood was and what he went through in his training to become his master s apprentice Before I read this book I hardly knew background information about Maul because all I saw of him was in the movie, Star

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