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!!> PDF / Epub ✈ Taken by the Next Full Moon ⚣ Author C.J. Starkey – Pcusati.info We Have Until The Next Full Moon Sadie Landon Hudson Is The Most Arrogant, Selfish, And Rudest Male I Have Ever Met He Makes Crude Remarks, Thinks Everyone In The Packs Should Idolize Him Well, Not Me I Loathe Him I Also Loathe Myself For Finding Him So Damn Hot Sure, He Is A Jerk, But My Body Always Betrays Me And Longs To Be Touched By The Crude Man Luckily, I Have Been Able To Fight My Desires And Resist Him, But Now I Am In Deep Trouble My Father Just Announced That Landon And I Will Be Married By The Next Full Moon There Is No Way I Can Let That Happen, And No Way I Can Keep Myself Tamed If I Should Have To Marry That Horrible Male Landon Marry Sadie Caroline Yeah Right There Is No Way I Can Spend The Rest Of My Life With That Smart Mouthed Female Of Course, She Is Extremely Hot With A Dangerously Curvy Body, But She Is Too Opinionated, Blunt, And Standoffish Sure, I D Love To Have Her In My Bed, But I Have Barked Up That Tree Before And She Rejects Me Every Time The Female Would Never Submit To A Male, So How Could She Ever Make A Good Wife Our Fathers Are Crazy If They Think This Wedding Will Happen Next Full Moon That Means I Have Days To Break Off This Engagement Author S Note Taken By The Next Full Moon Is A Full Length, Standalone Novel Filled With Steamy Sex, Naughty Moments, Strong Language, And A Very HEA

10 thoughts on “Taken by the Next Full Moon

  1. Latoya N. Latoya N. says:

    Great read I truly enjoyed this book The sassy personality of Sadie and arrogant yet sexy personality of Landon was really engaging Quick, enjoyable and very sexy read Will recommend.

  2. Latoya Wilson Latoya Wilson says:

    1st and last story thumbs upThe first story is A 1, short but hit all the right spots with humor, angst, suspense, drama, and murder It takes a talented author to put all that in a winning combination in a novella The last story had r

  3. LastBreath LastBreath says:

    Not my thing unfortunately I thought it would be a short maybe 60 page read But it s a collection of 20 page short stories As such I couldn t find any depth with any of the characters.

  4. Cordova Patterson Cordova Patterson says:

    Great read but proof read .I enjoyed the story very much but at times the writing was messed up because of a grammatical error I did enjoy the extra stories as well.

  5. Deborah Greene Deborah Greene says:

    I really enjoyed this book It s so ironic how you can despise someone so much but are still attracted to them I just wish it were longer than it was.

  6. Janice Steele Janice Steele says:

    AwesomeEnjoyed reading these amazing short stories The storyline was exciting and easy to relax and let the characters flow in the stories.

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