¿ Tempting Patience PDF/EPUB ✓

  ¿ Tempting Patience PDF/EPUB ✓ While women young and old salivate over posters of rock star Webster James, Patience Wilson shoots darts at his silver loincloth Furious because he bought the orchard she wanted, and contemptuous of city slickers who dabble in farming, Patty declares war She sits her dog Killer on Webb s giant bodyguards but Webb himself utterly disarms the misnamed canine, then turns his charm on Patty Refusing to be swayed by Webb s explosive kisses, Patty negotiates a truce She ll teach Webb apple growing if, once he leaves, he ll sell her his land Gleefully she plots to oust him with exhausting farm chores but Webb thwarts her scheme and teases her into submission by inventing wonderful ways of tempting Patience

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