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!!> Read ➵ Tether ➸ Author Anna Jarzab – Pcusati.info Tether, The Sequel To Tandem, Continues The Captivating Tale Of Rebellion And Romance That Spans Parallel Worlds.Everything Repeats.Sasha Expected Things To Go Back To Normal Once She Got Back On Earth But Now That She Knows Parallel Worlds Are Real, And That An Alternate Version Of Herself Exists In A World Called Aurora, Her Old Life No Longer Seems To Make Sense And Her Heart Breaks Daily For Thomas, The Boy She Left Behind Troubled By Mysterious, Often Terrifying Visions And The Echoes Of A Self She Was Just Beginning To Discover, Sasha Makes The Difficult Decision To Journey Once Through The Tandem.Thomas Is Waiting For Her On The Other Side, And So Is Strange, Otherworldly Selene, Sasha S Analog From A Third Universe Sasha, Selene, And Their Other Analog, Juliana, Have A Joint Destiny, And A New Remarkable Power, One That Could Mean Salvation For Selene S Dying Planet With Thomas S Help, Sasha And Selene Search For The Missing Juliana But Even If They Can Locate Her, Is Sasha Willing To Turn Her Back On Love To Pursue A Fate She S Not Sure She Believes In

10 thoughts on “Tether

  1. Taschima Taschima says:

    When the hell is this coming out I want to read it nooow.

  2. Isabella Isabella says:

    Worum geht s Nachdem Thomas sein Leben riskiert hat, um Sasha die Flucht vor dem General zu erm glichen, erwartet ihn f r seinen Verrat ein Erschie ungskommando Doch anstatt sich wieder an ihr altes Leben zu gew hnen, versucht Sasha verzweifelt, zur ck nach Aurora zu gelangen In der Parallelwelt brauchen neben Thomas gleich zwei Analoge ihre Hilfe Das Orakel Selene kann

  3. Stefanie Hasse hisandherbooks.de Stefanie Hasse hisandherbooks.de says:

    Inhalt Sasha ist zur ck auf der Erde, doch die Sehnsucht nach Aurora und Thomas ist gro Sie forscht nach, bis sie auf eine Spur st t, die sie tats chlich an ihr Ziel bringt Zur ck nach Aurora Doch sie ist nicht die Einzige, die den Weg dorthin gefunden hat Denn dort trifft sie auf einen weiteren Analog von sich, den sie schon l nger gesp rt hat und dieser Analog hat eine Mission

  4. Sarah Büchermops Sarah Büchermops says:

    Meine Meinung Von Anfang an war ich begeistert von der Grundidee Es gibt verschiedene Parallelwelten und in diesen Welten kann man Analoge haben Analoge sind Doppelg nger und Sasha hat gleich zwei davon in verschiedenen Welten, die beide auch noch zuf llig royal sind Juliana ist die Prinzessin einer Region in der Welt Aurora und Selene geh rt auch zur Elite in ihrer Welt Taiga Zuerst dac

  5. Sarah Louise Sarah Louise says:

    While I loved Tandem, this one seemed to suffer from second book syndrome The action was there, but it served as a slow trickle throughout the entire plot, which only seemed to serve as a filler to introduce new character and threats The addition of a third analog, Selene, didn t peak my interest at all Her character did add a new element to the story, but it s not anything I cared to exp

  6. Brittany (Brittany& Brittany (Brittany& says:

    2.5 5 StarsTether is suffering from second book slump I liked it but I can t say that I m head over heels for it The beginning starts out strong but somewhere around the middle I became bored and had to push myself to finish it One of the most confusing things about this book is that it is written from four different POVs That s right, you heard me Four I ve seen the multiple perspectives work before like

  7. Gamze Gamze says:

    5 y ld z bana g re az bile.kesinlikle ikinci kitapta olabilecek her eye sahip bir kitapt.ama 3 kitab n yay nlanmayaca n bilerek okumak..her sayfada kahretti beni o kadar k t serilerin bile devam geliyorsa bu kitab n her t rl 3 kitab n n da kmas gerekirdi.dilerim yazar online platformda kitab payla r nk sonunu nas l ba layacak deli gibi merak ediyorum.Bence olu turdu u d nya lar ok ba ar l yd zellikle deli gibi mer

  8. Steffi Steffi says:

    Nachdem mir Teil 1 der Aurora Reihe so gut gefallen hat, war ich ziemlich aus dem H uschen, dass meine onleihe auch Teil 2 so schnell verf gbar hatte.Zu Beginn hatte ich ziemlich viele Probleme mich wieder in der Geschichte zurecht zu finden und mich daran zu erinnern was eigentlich alles im ersten Teil passiert war Dies ist mit der Zeit besser geworden, aber dieses Mal habe ich leider nicht komplett in die Geschichte rein

  9. Taylor Taylor says:

    Five stars was not enough for this book It was everything I wanted in a second book and Can t believe I finished reading it and have to wait for the third one to come out Ahhh the waiting is going to suck

  10. Kylie カイリー Yay Apocalypse Kylie カイリー Yay Apocalypse says:

    oh my tether the feels are strong in this one

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