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[Epub] ➛ The 16 Strivings for God  By Steven Reiss – Pcusati.info A religion expert as co author really could have improved this book. This Ground Breaking Work Will Change The Way We Understand Religion Period Previous Scholars Such As Freud, James, Durkheim, And Maslow Did Not Successfully Identify The Essence Of Religion As Fear Of Death, Mysticism, Sacredness, Communal Bonding, Magic, Or Peak Experiences Because Religion Has No Single Essence Religion Is About The Values Motivated By The Sixteen Basic Desires Of Human Nature It Has Mass Appeal Because It Accommodates The Values Of People With Opposite Personality Traits This Is The First Comprehensive Theory Of The Psychology Of Religion That Can Be Scientifically Verified Reiss Proposes A Peer Reviewed, Original Theory Of Mysticism, Asceticism, Spiritual Personality, And Hundreds Of Religious Beliefs And Practices Written For Serious Readers And Anyone Interested In Psychology And Religion Especially Their Own , This Eminently Readable Book Will Revolutionize The Psychology Of Religious Experience By Exploring The Motivations And Characteristics Of The Individual In Their Religious Life. Good book A little repetitive.In general an excellent book The chapter 7 is a bit repetitive and some ideas are already discussed in previous chapters but the core message of the book the theory is refreshing. Meh I read the book to mine the underlying motivations for religious activity On that level, I was appreciative of the information But this system of understanding motivation wasn t produced in a religious context or with relig A refreshing and often brilliant look at the psychology of religion While I came away with some feeling that Reiss is trying to quantify the unquantifiable, he has made an important contribution to the field He make

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