10 thoughts on “The 8th Confession

  1. Li& Li& says:

    This is the eighth book in the Woman s Murder Club series, and it s another thriller from the explosive beginning to the exhilarating ending Maxine Paetro hasn t missed a beat This edition is an audio book, narrated once again by the talented and exciting Caro

  2. Krystin Rachel Krystin Rachel says:

    The slow ascension to becoming something half decent to read has come to a halt.Like all recent co authored books in this series, The 8th Confession once again weaves together multiple plot lines There is the dead homeless man, nicknamed Bagman Jesus, that Cindy stumble

  3. Carol Carol says:

    Third Read I m eventually going to fill in all the blanks I have in this series This one is kinda strange.many plot twists and turns Don t want to spoil, but it s a good read Recommend.Second Read 07 23 15 I enjoyed it very much the second time Didn t remember I d already read it

  4. Kelly Hager Kelly Hager says:

    He and I are thisclose to breaking up I m going to give the next Alex Cross book another try and if that isn t fantastic, Patterson and I are done.For real.This is the 8th installment in Patterson s Women s Murder Club series There are two murder mysteries going on The first is a series of

  5. Tim Tim says:

    This is the first of the series that I actually read I listened to all of the others on CD while working I have come to the conclusion that s the best way to experience these books When I picked up the book at my library, I thought I d mistakenly put the Large Print version on hold Tons of white spa

  6. Hannah Ciceu Hannah Ciceu says:

    I can t help it I love murder mysteries, especially the quick, easy to read one s My obsession with one of these novels is such that I have to refrain from reading them during the school year, because otherwise I would get nothing done I become so enthralled with whichever novel I m reading that I will choose

  7. Marleen Marleen says:

    Judging by how well this main case of super rich people getting murdered in San Francisco is progressing, I notice that there s no real improvement to the detective skills of the southern division SFPD, as depicted here in this 8th installment of the Women s Murder Club There s no question that the characters are enorm

  8. Aymee Aymee says:

    So, I ve had this love hate relationship with James Patterson since I read my first Alex Cross novel quite a few years ago See, he writes these amazing stories but he breaks them up into itty bitty chapters Why is this a bad thing Well, mainly it s a bad thing because you find yourself sitting there, at nearly nine o clock at ni

  9. Best Crime Books & More Best Crime Books & More says:

    James Petterson has been writing a series of books which are part of the Womens Murder Club series.They involve four women who have all featured heavily in previous books They are Lindsay, Cindy, Yuki and Claire.The story for the 8th Confession focuses on two main threads The first is a murder of a saintly homeless man and Cindy who is a

  10. Aaron Aaron says:

    San Francisco is once again confronted with a serial killer and it will be up to the Women s Murder Club and the beaus to solve the case Someone is targeting high society folks, but no one can figure out how the killer is taking them out Other than the fact that they might have a taste for partying, drinking, drugs and other debauchery, the victims

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