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Let's Visit London! PDF æ Let's Visit  PDF/EPUB ² Join sibling Chihuahuas Bella Harry as they travel to London with their family and visit the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge and other noteworthy places Along the way, local cuisine such as tea and crumpets is introduced to the inquisitive reader The Adventures of Bella Harry is a picture book series that chronicles the escapades of a pup named Bella, her little brother Harry and their family, who travel the world exploring the sights and sounds of new, exciting cities The Bella Harry series is intended to be an informative, interactive and exciting way to introduce children to travel, different countries, customs, history and landmarks with the educational value of this book cleverly disguised amidst dozens of illustrated pages which are sure to win the hearts of young readers Traveling the world with these two cute and cuddly Chihuahuas will allow the young reader to gain an appreciation of the world and its cultural diversity Happy Travels from Bella Boo and Harry too

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  1. Luisa Knight Luisa Knight says:

    I thought this was a fitting read since I m leaving for London in just four days Bella and Harry would be an ideal book for you to read to your kiddos just before traveling There s a storyline, which makes it easy to follow, but sprinkled throughout are the iconic sites and the facts that will be of interest to and stick with kids.Ages 4 8 geography europe england london Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offe

  2. Addison Addison says:

    Just back from London and my daughter 8 years old used this as a guide What a great book My daughter choose this and Fancy Nancy Tea Party as her travel books Great choices She knew the Tower Bridge was NOT the London Bridge A good educational, yet fun book for children.

  3. Shawn Deal Shawn Deal says:

    Here is a great little series to introduce kids to different cultures and countries around the world The story is always about two little chihuahuas and one showing the other around a particular city in the world They explore the great attractions of the city, usually have some of the food, and even discuss some of the artists At the end of the book, there is a page of popular phrases used in that city I thought the series as a whole was ve

  4. Steve Holden Steve Holden says:

    I discovered this series recently at our library, and it offers a very simple and appealing way for young readers to learnabout other places We ll be learning a bit about London in the next couple of weeks, and I like providing students opportunities to further their learning on their own I like how this book names and shows famous landmarks and places with just a simple introduction It serves basic learning of some ideas I believe it ll mak

  5. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Very good books for children to learn about the main sites at places they are going to travel to or hear about It isn t very detailed but good for a quick mention and if your kiddo loves dogs, it will keep an interest.

  6. Vera Godley Vera Godley says:

    The world is a big place and full of cultural diversity and interesting sights to see Children need to learn about this wondrous world the civilizations, the history, the peoples, the climates, the geography, and the food Well, author, Lisa Manzione and illustrator, Kristine Lucco will bring the world to your door step courtesy of Bella and Harry.The book opens with a jousting event with Knight Harry riding on his beautiful white horse but tha

  7. Dolly Dolly says:

    I discovered The Adventures of of Bella Harry series while browsing in a bookstore in Bucharest There were several books featuring this pair of Chihuahuas and I perused them all What I liked was the colorful illustrations and the exciting adventure of exploring a new culture and city We discovered this book at our local library It was one that I hadn t read yet and I knew our girls would just adore the Chihuahuas It s a fun, quick read and the

  8. Shu Xiao Shu Xiao says:

    This book comes from a series of picture books starring two chihuahuas named Harry and Bella who intend you show you the big cities around the world The illustrations are very sweet and you sure can learn a lot from the books but the couple s conversation is textbook like and somehow I feel like Bella is talking to Harrylike he s her son rather than her husband Little bit weird.

  9. Kristine Hansen Kristine Hansen says:

    Bella Harry visit London and a little of the area around London in this book that takes a look not only at the history of England but also about what s currently there I liked the blend and think these books are outstanding when it comes to introducing new countries to children This is one of my favorites in the series Bella Harry visit London and a little of the area around London in this book that takes a look not only at the history of England

  10. Patricia McLaughlin Patricia McLaughlin says:

    London is the destination for this installment of the frothy potboiler series

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