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[PDF / Epub] ★ The Architecture of Love Author Ika Natassa – Pcusati.info If River was a real person, this would be my version of him When I first heard of this book from my friends, I wasn t really excited about it I wasn t one of those loyal fans of Natassa who would willingly wait in front their computer just to pre order her latest book To be honest, the blurb doesn t appeal to me I didn t follow her Twitter Pollstory, so I know nothing of this book But then, I stumbled upon a review on Goodreads that claims that this book is Natassa s most readable humble book yet Curiosity got the best of me here we are This book follows the story of a best selling author named Raia Risjad, who flew to New York in order to finish her book like escaping her past Something major happened to her that completely change the course of her life caused her to lose her muse She s been struggling with her writing and she hasn t been able to write than a single sentence in the span of 2 years And then she met someone who breathes life back to her, who brightens her day makes her look forward to their daily walks around New York As we follow Raia River s journey around New York, we get to discover the hidden beauty concealed among the concrete jungle We get to learn about the historical values of the buildings from River s brief explanations Hearing all about the Whispering Gallery makes me wanna visit New York even I love seeing the developments of the characters along the story Raia slowly manages to overcome her writer s block, resulting in the birth of her latest book Twas clearly hard for her to face her demons in order to accept her past move on But she did it anyway River, too has his own inner demons that he has to face I d say that both characters have their fair shares of emotional baggage that they need to unload before they are ready to start a new relationship with each other Watching those two fall in love with each other was a heady fascinating experience, one that leaves me craving for , makes me heave a sigh hope that someday it d happen to me too Natassa s style of writing has definitely improved, judging from the lack of brands conversations in English Her unnecessary blabbers have also significantly decreased, although I still found myself skipping her overly detailed descriptions a few times Take this lengthy paragraph for an example Ada sesuatu yang menenangkan dari seluruh proses memasak mi instan bagi Raia, mulai dari mengambil panci, mengisinya dengan air dan merebusnya di kompor, menyobek bungkus mi dan mengeluarkan kemasan bumbu bumbunya, meremas isi bungkusnya, menjatuhkannya perlahan ke dalam panci berisi air yang sudah mendidih, lalu membubuhkan bubuk bumbu dan meneteskan minyak bumbunya, mengaduknya, mematikan kompor, sampai menuangkannya perlahan ke dalam mangkok Menatap asap yang mengepul, mengembus embusnya untuk sedikit mendinginkan, sampai akhirnya isi mangkuk itu bisa dia nikmati pelan pelan.I think we would have understood her intention even without reading this long manual on how to cook instant noodle I almost run out of breath trying to read this whole sentence, which IMO is exaggerated irrelevant BUT, ONLY IKA NATASSA would manage to describe the process of cooking instant noodle THAT sophisticatedly If I ever read any other book with that kind of stuff, I d gladly hurl the book across the room So, I have to give her credits for dat I have to say, it feels good to read a story that is focused mainly on the building of relationship between the 2 characters, without name brands scattered all around the book The ending is a bit of a let down, though I like seeing the characters live their happily ever afters complete with 2.5 kids Sadly we don t get that here Nonetheless, I d still like to applaud Ika Natassa who managed to improve her writing without losing her trademarked style If I wasn t a fan of her writing, I would be now. Because you re as lost as I am, Raia And in a city this big, it hurts less when you re not aloneOMG OMG OMG This was so fucking good It s, by far, my favourite book by Ika Natassa out of all her works It s impossible not to fall in love with New York like it s almost impossible not to fall in love in the city. This book made me fell in love deeper with NY and I just can t wait to visit those places listed in this book 3 Raia and River, fave couple ever The chemistry was just right, no insta love, it all happened slowly and surely The ending was a bit of a letdown, tbh and I suspect a sequel is in work already But nevertheless, this was entertaining as hell Ika is so clever she decided to infuse some of her personalities into Raia and from her perspective, we readers learned how hard it is to become a writer and overcome its obstacles I guess every writer do suffer from writer s block and it does take time to get over it and start writing again Oh and that mini list of unique bookstores listed in the last chapter was heavenly It s her most readable book yet and I m just in love Bookstores are never just stores that sell books. The story, including the plot, was based on twitter poll If you follow the story on twitter, it must ve crossed your mind that it was some kind of a spoiler Well, after reading this I can tell you, there are a lot to it, so don t worry.Rasa rasanya ini buku pertama yang saya baca dengan POV seperti ini Sejujurnya agak kurang terbiasa Bukan karena POVnya, tapi karena apa yang ada di buku itu secara teknis I was wondering, why did she made it that way Saya sendiri mulai terbiasa dengan gaya bercerita Kak Ika yang seperti ini, meski ada satu bagian kecil yang jika dibaca rasanya agak kurang pas But if you don t really look it too hard, then you won t notice So it s all good.In a certain way, this is a little bit different, yet so her.This book reminds me about movies like Ruby Sparks and Playing It Cool Perpindahan alurnya smooth, as always This book can make you do a lot of things, mulai dari googling tempat tampat di New York sampai istilah Bahasa Batak I kid you not.Salah satu tokohnya yang adalah seorang penulis membuka wawasan kita dan mengajak kita untuk melihat dunia literasi dari sudut pandang lain It s always refreshing to read something new We can see the real process of making a book up to the readers reaction when they dive themselves into the story and what it s like to be them Every reader can relate to that part I m sure and they probably yell, This is so me No, I didn t yell like that I just laugh and agree silently.Satu lagi yang saya suka dari tulisan Kak Ika adalah kita dapat menemukan logika serta terjemahan dari hal hal yang kita anggap sepele setiap harinya untuk menjadi sesuatu yang lebih Untuk menjadi pelajaran hidup.In the end, The Architecture of Love is bitter yet sweet, serious yet silly, sad yet funny, gutless yet brave, predictable yet surprising, and lost yet found somehow Literally or figuratively. The Architecture of Love TAoL is Ika Natassa s newest baby book and it is as interesting as its big brothers Though it is not as long as most of her previous books but Ika once again succeeded on delivering broken souls story into a new level.I really admire Ika with her breakthrough movements as a writer, proved by this novel which was introduced to readers by a new concept of writing so called pollstory, so we, the readers, could actually took part on deciding the story line What I appreciate most is, though the line was mostly chosen by her readers, she wrote it with her style the surprises, unexpectedly scenes and lines It was just so Ika.I basically love all her books From A Very Yupping Wedding AVYW , oh no, from Underground to TAoL she really did great, in many ways If Underground made me wanted to be famous, AVWY made me wanted to work in a bank, Antologi Rasa made me wanted to be loved by a man like the way Harris loves Keara, and The Wicaksonos made me wanted to marry a doctor, then TAoL made me wanted to work at New York as a famous banker who marries a doctor who loves me the way Harris does to K Ika just too damn good at describing places, and ambience, and food, and passion I could almost feel Raia s frustation, River s anger, the taste of Shake Shack that Raia and River ate at Madison Park, the winter s coldness in Montauk, and even could hear River s whisper while they were cutely chatting at whispering gallery.As much as I love this book, it still could not took Antologi Rasa s place as My Most Favorite Ika Natassa s Book Ika is famous by her excellence in stringing words but unfortunately I found some of the lines and scenes were a bit tacky It is kind of refreshing that she is starting to tell her main characters not as bankers but we would still feel the similarity from them Raia is portrayed as a beautiful successful writer and River is a handsome calm gentleman who both are broken from their unresolved feelings I already followed TAoL since the pollstory told on twitter and was satisfied with the POV and timeline Unfortunately, the additional chapters were somehow confusing Suddenly there were some POV changes and irregular timelines that forced me to pay attention to read it repeatedly in order not to get confused.Despite all that, the goods still could covered them to make TAoL one of metropop top novels The most interesting part, despite of The Risjads hilarious cameo, is when I am reading Raia s part I feel like Ika is trying to tell her readers about herself They both are writers who wrote best selling books that some of them are adopted to movies and popular in social media They enjoy their popularity but sometimes it feels burdensome It seems like I got to know Ika instead of Raia TAoL is maybe Ika s second shorter book after AVYW, but like always, the ending is enough I could not ask for TAoL, Ika knows how to end her story well and touching And she definitely knows how to make her readers impatiently waiting for her new books delivered with another unique ways. New York Mungkin Berada Di Urutan Teratas Daftar Kota Yang Paling Banyak Dijadikan Setting Cerita Atau Film Di Beberapa Film Hollywood, Mulai Dari Nora Ephron S You Ve Got Mail Hingga Martin Scorsese S Taxi Driver, New York Bahkan Bukan Sekadar Setting Namun Tampil Sebagai Karakter Yang Menghidupkan Cerita.Ke Kota Itulah Raia, Seorang Penulis, Mengejar Inspirasi Setelah Sekian Lama Tidak Mampu Menggoreskan Satu Kalimat Pun.Raia Menjadikan Setiap Sudut New York Kantor Nya Berjalan Kaki Menyusuri Brooklyn Sampai Queens, Dia Mencari Sepenggal Cerita Di Tiap Jengkalnya, Pada Orang Orang Yang Berpapasan Dengannya, Dalam Percakapan Yang Dia Dengar, Dalam Tatapan Yang Sedetik Dua Detik Bertaut Dengan Kedua Matanya Namun Bahkan Setelah Melakukan Itu Setiap Hari, Ditemani Daun Daun Menguning Berguguran Hingga Butiran Salju Yang Memutihkan Kota Ini, Layar Laptop Raia Masih Saja Kosong Tanpa Cerita.Sampai Akhirnya Dia Bertemu Seseorang Yang Mengajarinya Melihat Kota Ini Dengan Cara Berbeda Orang Yang Juga Menyimpan Rahasia Yang Tak Pernah Dia Duga. I tweeted days ago If Colleen Hoover said you keep your ocean, i ll take the Lake.Then after this, i ll say you take the Lake, i ll go with River.But i said that before i finally finished the book When i finished it, uhm nope Maybe i set my expectation too high, but this book serba ngambang.Tentang pencarian inspirasi nya Raia Tentang perasaan bersalahnya River.Tentang pertanyaan pertanyaan di benak Raia tentang Alam.Atau bahkan tentang kaus kaki hijau River.Everything seems to fast like whoop Penjabaran dari sisi Raia sangat kurang Bahkan jawaban tentang Alam pun kerasa sangat ngambang What kind of baggage are you talking about Gue ketemu Alam kemarin Dari mana lo tahu itu anak dan istrinya The gestures were pretty clear, Rin I know Pg 269 Okay, So Raia knew pretty clear from the gestures she watched But which gestures How was his gestures that can make Raia so sure that those are his ex husband s wife and son daughter Can we, as a reader, get the description about the gestures so as a reader who go with Raia, i will know as well and i will sure about it also that they are Raia s ex husband s new family Bagaimana bisa dia sudah punya istri, dan ounya anak secepat itu, the kid was already like two years old, Rin Nggak mungkin kan istri dan anaknya itu tiba tiba jatuh dari langit tanpa mereka pernah menjalin hubungan lama Tapi setidaknya sekarang lo sudah tahu, Ya Paling enggak lo sudah tahu Pg 269 And i was screaming inside head TAU APA WOI Ini seperti Raia dan Erin lagi gosip berdua dan pembaca ga boleh tau.Pembahasan tentang baggage nya Raia jadi terasa menggantung Padahal di part awal sudah apik banget di penjabaran bagaimana Alam meninggalkan Raia Tetapi ketika di bab akhir membaca lagi baggage nya dibahas tapi kok ga dibahas tuntas jadi geregetan sendiri.Jadi salah Raia apa sih sampai Alam tega ninggalin dia A Raia ga bisa kasih anakB Raia menjual masalah keluarga melalui buku bukunyaC Alam selingkuh dan punya anak dari hubungan gelap dengan selingkuhannyaD Alam tidak selingkuh tetapi dia bertemu dan jatuh cinta dengan istrinya yang baru setelah proses perceraian dengan Raia selesai Anak berumur dua tahun adalah anak dari hubungan perkawinan istri baru Alam dengan pernikahan terdahulunyaKan, ini review jadi infotainment Silet..Intinya Ale Risjad tetap nomer satu dihati I m waiting for another your masterpiece, Mbak Ika You are still my fav one Okay, so stars are just stars, right The 3 stars liked it and 2 stars it was ok I was hesitating between both because this book doesn t give me so much impact as Antologi Rasa, Ika Natassa s previous book that is my all time favorite.So the story was about Raia and River, basically found each other in New York City They have their own emotional baggage and maybe that s what makes them attract to each other I actually read the first half of the story when it was on twitter There are witty lines and to die for main characters With very interesting background as an architect and a writer To be honest, the architect in me might not feel at all relatable to what River do with his way to cope with all that drafts and designs and clients and all that, it would be though to leave the office for a long time, doesn t matter if you are the owner or a mere staff And it would be a bit annoying tbh though I might not have Paul, so well just enjoy the story then Okay so, that might be why I didn t quite attached to the story.The interesting point for me is because Ika Natassa actually being real with this one I mean, what is the chance of you meeting a person you once met in another city when you go back to your home country and not at all have anything related to him before Zero, right Especially when you re not even trying I like that on the second half of the story, Raia and River just don t instantly becomes an item but still trying to complete their own missing puzzles before everything finally fall into place. Buku ini bikin saya baper kebangetan River, kamu favorit saya although there are many similar stories when the main character has a very dark past, I really enjoyed this one It tells about architecture, it tells about the lonely soul, it tells about how you can move on because past is past and it will still be there with you but you still can move forward and be better I don t know why but I imagined Reza Rahadian again in River s role Or it s just my infatuation towards him that made me see him as a charming hero And I really adore the hero, I can t deny that I adore him because he s from Palembang, my hometown As usual, Ika s writing is always light and pleasant to read But I wish Ika will try to develop and deepen the characters in her books It feels like reading her previous books all over again with different occupations and different backgrounds Anyway, every book requires lots of efforts and dedicated hard work, so congratulations Ika A letdown compared to Critical Eleven, but well I think it s just me

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