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[[ Read ]] ➭ The Best Cat Book Ever: Super-Amazing, 100% Awesome Author Kate Funk – Pcusati.info What S Super Amazing, Awesome Than A Cat Dressed Up As A Unicorn A Lumberjack The Abominable Snowman A NinjaNothing That S What The Best Cat Book Ever Features The Super Amazing, % Awesome AC The Cat In Tons Of Purrrrfectly Hilarious Costumes But Really, Why Are You Still Reading This Go On, See For Yourself Why This Is Truly The Most Awesome Thing That Will Ever Grace Your Bookshelves

10 thoughts on “The Best Cat Book Ever: Super-Amazing, 100% Awesome

  1. karen karen says:

    this review space is going to be filled with my january project it will be reposted all month as i add pictures, so get used to seeing it on your feed, and it if bugs you, feel free to block me.this is the best cat book ever because this is the best CAT ever and by best i mean most patient this is ac the cat short for annoying customer who is owned by kate funk, a woman with just enough time on her

  2. Mayda Mayda says:

    AC has to be most patient cat in the world Author and photographer Kate Funk adopted him when a kitten, and just by chance, made a party hat for him The rest, as they say, is history A loner by nature, AC puts up with all the costumes and hats his owner foists on him He probably feels that by indulging her, he has made her lonely life a bit happier You will be amazed at all the get ups AC models, and h

  3. Mel Usack Mel Usack says:

    Absolutely the best book EVER I haven t laughed so hard in a very long time And now I want to dress up Dunkel

  4. Elizabeth Becraft Elizabeth Becraft says:

    What I liked the best about this book, is how the author introduced herself with AC And then when you see AC dressed up in all of his super amazing, wonderful, awesome costumes, it makes you want to show his pictures to everyone you know What an awesome cat AC is.

  5. Selena Selena says:

    That is one annoyed looking cat That makes those pictures even better.Just a collection of cute cat pictures Lots of cute annoyed cat pictures.

  6. Anna Anna says:

    CUTE It was even funnier because the cat starring in each picture clearly doesn t look very impressed.

  7. McKenzie Richardson McKenzie Richardson says:

    I received this book through Goodreads First Reads program in exchange for an honest review A very cute book.I liked that Funk opened by saying that AC is mostly willing to pose in the pictures and explained how she works with him to get the shot designing sets and costumes that he will tolerate, working with his mood as opposed to all the people on the Internet who force their pets into ridiculous costumes just for

  8. Maranda Russell Maranda Russell says:

    I received a copy of this book from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway I am a huge cat lover, so I figured I would enjoy this little book I did find many of the pictures adorable and funny Some of my favorites were the cat named AC dressed up as Bob Ross, Medusa, a Buffalo, a werewolf and Little Red Riding Hood I also enjoyed how the book showed behind the scenes pictures of how the sets and costumes for each posed pictur

  9. Kris Sellgren Kris Sellgren says:

    Some cat owners dress their cat up in little costumes then post pictures I mostly dislike the results Then there is Kate Funk, who creates elaborate 3D sets with props, dresses her cat in a costume and puts him in the set, then markets the resulting photos The title promises an awesome experience, and so it is, with a steady stream of imaginative and well designed sets evoking so many different cultural references from uni

  10. Tracy Tracy says:

    I have gotten my cat into a few costumes, but Kate Funk takes it to another level lotscostumes that are home made , creating her own backdrops, and making a business venture out it all The book is mainly photographs of her cat, AC, in an incredible number of costumes with backgrounds The introduction gives the backstory to how this all started and what goes into the photo shoots and is worth reading I enjoyed the behind the s

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