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!!> Download ➽ The Bloodstone Papers  ➸ Author Glen Duncan – Pcusati.info Ross Monroe Is A Boxing Railwayman With A Weakness For Get Rich Quick Schemes Kate Lyle Is A Headstrong Young Woman Desperate To Escape A Nightmarish Household As Mid Century India Sheds Its Colonial Skin And The Shadow Of Violence Rises, These Young Lovers Find Themselves Facing Their Own Tryst With Destiny In Twenty First Century London, Owen Monroe Is Writing This Story Of His Parents Lives In An Effort To Avoid The Problems In His Own But Keeping Past And Present Apart Isn T Easy, And Before Long Owen Is Deep In The One Story He Never Wanted To Tell.

10 thoughts on “The Bloodstone Papers

  1. Scott Scott says:

    The older we get, the sadder we look on the toilet Glen Duncan is a mastercrafter of pithy, amusing phrases like this one His mind is a forge of artisan subtlety, turning out many layered paragraphs of shining clarity and scintillating sharpness that sparkle with the light of hidden truths.If you ve only read Duncan s hilarious I, Lucifer and The Last Werewolf you would think him

  2. Linnéa Linnéa says:

    This is one of the books that I picked up from the library in a long overdue session of browsing through the shelves and picking up what looks interesting And to a certain extent it was interesting, but overall I feel pretty ho hum about it Knowing the risk I m taking by sounding once again like a bit of a prude if you ve read my reviews of The Game of Thrones series but this author

  3. Barry Barry says:

    This book was a slow burner that gradually sucked me in Glen Duncan is at his strongest when he writes about people his characterisations are exquisite and his observations on human behaviours, feelings and interactions are as good as you ll find by anybody writing any...

  4. Gail Gail says:

    Loved this book The India story grippedthe ever present feeling that the characters were one bad decision away from doom And I liked the characters, so this was tough The contemporary characters the son.less loveable, true But redeemed by his willingness to humour his parent, and by his final recognition that he should stop living for the past and embrace the presentincluding his unlikely

  5. Deana Deana says:

    I picked out this book on the recommendation of the librarian when I asked for something different I m really not sure whether or not I liked this author s style or not He uses a lot of parentheticals and very long sentences, and it is sometimes difficult to keep track of what is going on But he does write very intelligently, so it s an interesting read.The story is two fold, of the alternati

  6. Myles Myles says:

    The Bloodstone Papers is the first book by Glen Duncan that I ve read without the extra draw of the supernatural, but it was no less compelling once I d given it a chance A teacher approaching middle age, making ends meet with bar tending and writing cheap romances, nurses a broken heart and is trying to write the book, the story of his parents courtship and life in India just before and after

  7. Madeleine Madeleine says:

    I need to digest all the things that made me love this book, which, incidentally, are all the things that make Glen Duncan my favorite modern writer.

  8. Lorna Lorna says:

    Anglo Indian family it focuses on their story in partition years interspersed with 21st c London At times good at times tedious Disappointing.

  9. K.p. Suba K.p. Suba says:

    I know several people for whom a novel is just a story something to be distilled to its barest essentials and then ingested summarily To me, though, a novel is muchthan the sum of all its parts the plot, the characters, the language, the ambience A novel is something that you need to savor at leisure, rolling the words around in your tongue until you get all the last nuances of the prose, while still enj

  10. Jason Jason says:

    I can t really figure out how much I liked this book, nor am I sure if it s worth recommending I typically enjoy literature with a post colonial slant, so that is initially why I picked this up at the bookstore I thought that the concept story in its entirety was interesting enough, and certainly unique, but at many points I found that the execution was tiring or cumbersome Basically, the plot flips back an

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