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[Download] ➼ The Cay  ➾ Theodore Taylor – Pcusati.info PDF Epub The Cay Author Theodore Taylor Jwdfitness.co.uk Shipwrecked On A Tiny Caribbean Island, Philip Must Overcome His Prejudice Towards Timothy, The Old Black Sailor Who Becomes The Key To His Survival This Is One Of The Best Survival Stories Since Robinson Crusoe The Washington Star An ALA Notable Children S Book, Jane Addams Children S Book Award, Lewis Carroll Shelf Award, Commonwealth Club Of California Literature Award, Southern California Council On Literature For Children And Young People Award, A Child Study Children S Book Committee Children S Book Of The Year.

10 thoughts on “The Cay

  1. A. Dawes A. Dawes says:

    This was our Grade 6 novel and it was the first book that had me in tears Young Phillip was on a freighter, which was blown up Blinded, he only has a cat and an elderly Black West Indian, Timothy, with him on the small raft of survivors Phillip, as per the

  2. Manuel Antão Manuel Antão says:

    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Childhood Reading The Cay by Theodore TaylorOriginal Review, 1981 02 15 I have some sympathy with some people in the sense that it is disappointing to re read a cherished childhood book and hav...

  3. Helen Pontak Helen Pontak says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The Cay is a book about a boy named Phillip Enright living in the time of a world war II 1942 When German U boats surround the island of Curacao, his mother who is frightened wants to go back

  4. Jen Jen says:

    D Ette had to read this book for school and she loved it She asked me if I would also read it.It s a children s book, so it doesn t take long to read I read the whole thing in about two hours.It s easy to see why the book won literary awards and was made into a movie It s a gre

  5. Mary Grace Mary Grace says:

    This is the best book eva It is so sweet I cried my eyes out at the end though

  6. Marika Gillis Marika Gillis says:

    I read this book with my students when I was a 5th grade teacher in Virginia four times However, I don t remember enjoying the book as much then as I did this year A 12 year old boy, Phillip, and an old black sailor, Timothy, are stranded on a tiny Caribbean island after their boat is attack

  7. Abbey Cupcake Abbey Cupcake says:

    It was good but in some parts it was sad

  8. The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi says:

    This book isamazing It makes you think of so many things It makes you realize what truly is wrong with the world, and how messed up it was before.

  9. Karina Karina says:

    3.5 I LOVED reading this It had so much depth for a young adult to read I also learned how this island was Nazi targeted It makes me realize how much I don t know or how much they try to hide about history Soon we will all forget there were any world wars at all Set in WWII in the Dutch Island of El Curacao, the

  10. Lizzy (Bent Bookworm) Lizzy (Bent Bookworm) says:

    Full review here on The Bent Bookworm I wasn t at all sure what to expect going into this I d never heard of the book or the author despite it apparently being a children s classic , but Gary Paulsen didn t we all read Hatchet wrote the introduction so I thought it surely couldn t be too bad I was super skeptical thoug

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