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[ PDF / Epub ] ☃ The Dead Travel Fast Author Deanna Raybourn – Pcusati.info A Husband, A Family, A Comfortable Life Theodora Lestrange Lives In Terror Of It All.With A Modest Inheritance And The Three Gowns That Comprise Her Entire Wardrobe, Theodora Leaves Edinburgh And A Disappointed Suitor Far Behind She Is Bound For Roumania, Where Tales Of Vampires Are Still Whispered, To Visit An Old Friend And Write The Book That Will Bring Her True Independence.She Arrives At A Magnificent, Decaying Castle In The Carpathians Replete With Eccentric Inhabitants The Ailing Dowager The Troubled Steward Her Own Fearful Friend, Cosmina But All Are Outstripped In Dark Glamour By The Castle S Master, Count Andrei Dragulescu.Bewildering And Bewitching In Equal Measure, The Brooding Nobleman Ignites Theodora S Imagination And Awakens Passions In Her That She Can Neither Deny Nor Conceal His Allure Is Superlative, His Dominion Over The Superstitious Town, Absolute Theodora May Simply Be One Person Under His Sway.Before Her Sojourn Is Ended Or Her Novel Completed Theodora Will Have Encountered Things As Strange And Terrible As They Are Seductive For Obsession Can Prove Fataland She Is In Danger Of Falling Prey To Than Desire.

10 thoughts on “The Dead Travel Fast

  1. Jill Hill Jill Hill says:

    Can we PLEASE go back to the original cover style for her books so I m not embarrassed to buy them

  2. Mimi Mimi says:

    Not quite 3 stars, but rounding up for the gothic atmosphere.This is an homage to Dracula and Northanger Abbey, and I think anyone who enjoyed both of those books would enjoy this one as well It started out as quite an enjoyable read, but then it lost me somewhere along the way inside the creepy castle and the vampire mystery that just wouldn t end Also,

  3. MB (What she read) MB (What she read) says:

    Frankly I was kind of disappointed in this It was well written and nicely atmospheric, but I never really liked either of the main characters and found the plot unconvincing I found her weirdly modern in outlook, and him All my least favorite alpha traits embodied Other than his supposed cuteness hotness money position I couldn t see why any woman would find him a catch Controlli

  4. G. G. says:

    2.5 5I m a huge fan of Deanna Raybourn s ongoing Veronica Speedwell series I enjoyed her other stuff that I ve read for the most part This one, sadly, didn t quite get there But what could possibly happen to me in Transylvania The Dead Travel Fast is one of Deanna Raybourn s standalones It s the story of Theodora ...

  5. Angie Angie says:

    For the last couple of weeks I ve been obsessively checking my local bookstore s stock online to see if Deanna Raybourn s THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST just happened to get in early Yes, I actually am that nerdy and it s much too late to do anything about it But, in this case, the effort paid off as a nice, healthy stack of them awaited me on the New Fiction table when I dashed in from the rain on m

  6. LJ LJ says:

    First Sentence All proper stories begin with the words Once upon a time.Theodroa Lastrange travels to a castle in the Carpathian Mountains at the invitation of her school days friend, Cosmina There she finds an old castle, an aristocratic family, and a count to whom she is inexplicably and inexorably attracted She also finds superstition and dark tales of werewolves and be involved in the destruction of an

  7. Misfit Misfit says:

    A twist on the old Dracula legends Or is there something else going on here Theodora Lestrange s childhood school mate Cosmina is set to marry a distant cousin, Count Andrei Dragulescu, at his castle high in the Carpathian Mountains Theodora is soon swept up into a web of intrigue and mystery over Andrei s dead father do the dead walk at night , a local villager who disappears into the forest to howl at the full mo

  8. Maria Clara Maria Clara says:

    Una historia original basada en el mito de los vampiros, en la misteriosa Transilvana de 1860 Un relato donde no todo es lo que parece, y donde el amor y la muerte se dan la mano Una lectura muy recomendable.

  9. Barb Barb says:

    I was so focused on the fact that Deanna Raybourn had a new book coming out that I somehow failed to find out what the book was about until I was standing in the check out line at the bookstore And even reading the back cover I still didn t know what I was in for Really there should be vampire warnings somewhere so that you know what you re getting yourself into with books these days The back cover does say our heroine is bound for

  10. Nan Nan says:

    This was a truly perfect book.It had all of my favorite elements of a neo Victorian Gothic the impoverished gentlewoman seeking to make her way in life the mysterious, sensual young count that catches her eye mysterious deaths superstitious locals and a fraught relationship to the past Theodora is an orphan, and her grandfather has recently died as well When her schoolfriend, Cosima, invites her to Transylvania to be a guest at Cosima s wedd

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