10 thoughts on “The Debutantes

  1. Lindsay Heller Lindsay Heller says:

    Some time ago I found this book in a thrift store, and being amused with the description I decided to fork over the fifty cents It sat on my shelf for awhile before I decided I was in the mood for some 80s trash and gave it a go This book did not disappoint It was awful But it was wonderfully awful It was like V.C Andrews attempting to write the plot of a Whit Stillman film There

  2. Michael Michael says:

    Why I tormented myself for so long with this book is anybody s guess In a nutshell four rich, white girls with too much time on their hands and tons of bad decisions to make I got the impression the author was trying to turn this into a contemporary Valley of the Dolls as contemporary as 1982 would allow , but it failed on nearly every aspect The trashiness of it all was noscandalous than

  3. Lilia Lilia says:

    I read The Debutantes in the summer of 89 and was completely blown away My sister left this book behind after moving out and I stumbled upon it by accident It was a fantastic book dealing with taboo subjects that left me with a lasting impression I was quite invested in the story and characters but looking back I think it was a bit too advanced for a 13 year old This is a good one for my 80 s colle

  4. Laura Laura says:

    It was ok some parts got boring

  5. June Schwarz June Schwarz says:

    This was a dreadful book on an adult reread, but when I was 14 I loved it.

  6. Andrea Andrea says:

    The best kind of early 80 s family saga crazysauce Read with my jaw hanging open the whole time, thinking, they didn t just did they BOY HOWDY, THEY DID.

  7. Cara Byrne Cara Byrne says:

    I have a photograph of me standing in front of my bookcase with this book as one of the books behind methat was in 1995 and I ve only just got around to reading it lol Anyway, on to the book After I had read that it had reminded somebody of V Andrews I groaned and thought Oh no I ve just read one of hers and am now bored with her work but I decided to give it a go anyway I found it very easy to get into Loved how it introduced each o

  8. Matthew Batten Matthew Batten says:

    After a slow start it picks and races along Darker than your usual trashy blockbuster with some uncomfortable storylines incest and imprisonment being just two The ending was slow and unspectacular.

  9. Fiona Goodman Fiona Goodman says:

    Please note I am ranking these reviews as I remember enjoying them from the 80 s It would be a blast to revisit these though

  10. Owusua Adwoa Ayeh Owusua Adwoa Ayeh says:

    Can never be presented in a grand style.

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