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[Download] ➸ The Elves and the Shoemaker ➽ Paul Galdone – Pcusati.info This book is a famous folklore which is geared towards children in the age group of P This particular book did not win any awards but this author has won a couple well known awards for his other books This book is about a poor shoemaker who has 2 naked elves secretly helping him make shoes at night When he finds out that they are the ones who are making his shoes, his wife and himself make clothes for the elves to thank them for all they ve done The author did a great job retelling and illustrating the book because the illustrations in this book went along with the story I gathered two themes from this book which was that sometimes help comes when we least expect it and that Miss 2 and I like to explore different books at the library and try to get different ones out every week or so She really likes Galdone s Three Billy Goats Gruff so we decided to try a bunch of his other book This was the other one she likes the most A classic retelling with a Victorian feel. This is the traditional tale of a shoemaker who finds someone is making his shoes while he sleeps each night The only thing that might freak kids out is that the elves are naked They are drawn in such a way that nothing is revealed that would make the book offensive, but we all know that kids are going to laugh and lose it for a few minutes Therefore I am not sure if I would choose it for a I seem to remember reading this book as a child or I had a big dose of Deja Vu when I read it to Jasper 4yo A goodly shoemaker is on the brink of ruin, but magically shoes keep appearing from his leather he leaves out the night before His wife and he hide to discover his benefactors and tr In This Faithful Retelling Of The Classic Grimm Brothers Tale, The Illustrations Capture The Kindness Of The Shoemaker And The Magic Of The Two Elves Who Help Him It S A Dandy Adaptation, Fun Than Most Of The Versions Available Publishers Weekly These books are from waaaay back, but I remember them fondly While the storylines have drifted away through time my imagination was always lit up imagining what it would be like to be a tiny person in a huge world.Especially interesting since The Church said things like the elves were real Little naked elves was a bit of surprise The story is fun and the book cover is beautiful Paul Galdone s illustrations make me want to touch the pages with my fingertips A fun story with a very happy ending. Not as good as the version illustrated by Adrienne Adams. It s not Galdone s fault that this fairy tale really doesn t make much sense. megan spring reading 2017, children s book, picture book, classic, fairy tale, kindness, gratitude, prek, kindergarten, first grade, second grade,

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