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[[ Epub ]] ➞ The Ghost Bride  Author Yangsze Choo – Pcusati.info Reading The Ghost Bride Yangsze Choo Bandcamptomp3.co.uk One Evening, My Father Asked Me If I Would Like To Become A Ghost Bride Though Ruled By British Overlords, The Chinese Of Colonial Malaya Still Cling To Ancient Customs And In The Sleepy Port Town Of Malacca, Ghosts And Superstitions Abound.Li Lan, The Daughter Of A Genteel But Bankrupt Family, Has Few Prospects But Fate Intervenes When She Receives An Unusual Proposal From The Wealthy And Powerful Lim Family They Want Her To Become A Ghost Bride For The Family S Only Son, Who Recently Died Under Mysterious Circumstances Rarely Practiced, A Traditional Ghost Marriage Is Used To Placate A Restless Spirit Such A Union Would Guarantee Li Lan A Home For The Rest Of Her Days, But At A Terrible Price.After An Ominous Visit To The Opulent Lim Mansion, Li Lan Finds Herself Haunted Not Only By Her Ghostly Would Be Suitor, But Also By Her Desire For The Lim S Handsome New Heir, Tian Bai Night After Night, She Is Drawn Into The Shadowy Parallel World Of The Chinese Afterlife, With Its Ghost Cities, Paper Funeral Offerings, Vengeful Spirits And Monstrous Bureaucracy Including The Mysterious Er Lang, A Charming But Unpredictable Guardian Spirit Li Lan Must Uncover The Lim Family S Darkest Secrets And The Truth About Her Own Family Before She Is Trapped In This Ghostly World Forever.

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  1. Christine Christine says:

    Before I start the book review, I d like to bring you all to hell.The Chinese Ten Courts of Hell, that is.This particular hell is located at Haw Par Villa, Singapore I first entered its dark depths in August 2006, and remember recoiling in horror when I saw a few bloody scenes you can view here.So what are the Ten Courts of Hell According to Chinese mythology, souls must enter these courts to be judged for the sins they committed in th

  2. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    It seemed to me that in this confluence of cultures, we had acquired one another s superstitions without necessarily any of their comforts. The star of this book is not Li Lan It is not her book the focal point is not the very mild romance, it is not the mystery The overwhelming show stealer is the setting, the background, the history, the superstition and traditional beliefs of turn of the century Malaya.I am Asian myself and I maintai

  3. Orsolya Orsolya says:

    Imagine having to marry a deceased bridegroom Yes, you read that correctly Although uncommon, this was the practice among some folk lore practicing Chinese and is the ill fate of Li Lan , a young woman in 19th century Malyasia in The Ghost Bride by Yangzse Choo Despite some beautiful imagery and scene settings, The Ghost Bride is painfully slow Even though it has the calming zen like presence common to most Asian historical fiction novels

  4. kari kari says:

    In a word disappointing.This started out so positively, the first page had me hooked and then it went downhill, fell apart, became tedious and ended up a mess.I think the main problem I have is that Li Lan is such a nothing character, sorry to say She isn t interesting and has no personality She has been educated in a fashion, that s the sum total of who she is And she is like a child, easily distracted and believing of anything anyone anywh

  5. Nicole~ Nicole~ says:

    I see dead people.Li Lan, the motherless Chinese maiden, whose opium addicted father has betrothed her to the deceased son of a wealthy family, accidentally finds herself roaming the Plains of the Dead a terrifying afterworld where ghosts wait around to be judged, punished or reborn to new lives Within the ghost world, she embarks on a supernatural adventure, filled with highly imaginative, colorful characters including horned demons, corrupt

  6. Margot Margot says:

    This was a beautifully written and touching novel Fans of Peony in Love or Hayao Miyazaki s film Spirited Away will not be disappointed The heroine of this story grows from a demure and spoiled girl into a confident and courageous woman The world that Yangsze Choo creates is fantasti...

  7. Debra Debra says:

    Beautifully written book with a beautiful cover It captured my attention from page 1 and it was very hard to put down There was a not a single page that I did not want to read The long and short of it is that Li Lan, the daughter of opium addicted and bankrupt man her Mother passed away when she was a child Her father receives an offer by a wealthy and powerful family The Lim family want her to become a ghost bride for their recently deceased son,

  8. Hazellie Hazellie says:

    I am a Chinese Malaysian, born about a hundred years after the period this story takes place, and even I, jaded as I am about the state Malaysian is in now, find The Ghost Bride fascinating It s interesting to remember how people lived back then, before Malaysia was Malaysia, when it was still Malaya and under the British rule, how the various immigrants and cultures intersect What I enjoyed most is imagining how this story could ve very well been m

  9. ☮Karen ☮Karen says:

    The first chapters of The Ghost Bride had me hooked I have always enjoyed reading about Asian families, Asian history and culture The audio is narrated quite beautifully by the author, and it was very calming to listen to her as the atmosphere and characters were formed Then the dream sequences began and an endless journey into an underground spirit world I came off that hook I was attached to real fast, as new character after new character was introd

  10. Jody McGrath Jody McGrath says:

    Li Lan is a young woman from a family that was once prestigious but is in decline in Malaya, 1893 Unbeknownst to her, she had been betrothed to the second heir of the very rich Lin Family, Tian Bai But when the first heir dies, the family wants Tian Bai to marry for status and they ask Li Lan s father if she will marry their dead son and become his ghost bride This is a seldom used custom where a living person is married to a dead person and assumes the

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