10 thoughts on “The Giving Meadow

  1. Katherine Katherine says:

    Price 17.99The life cycle of any aspect of nature written for children can be and usually is a great learning experience for them Stephanie Burkhart s book, The Giving Meadow is no exception When an egg lands in a meadow, the creature that emerges goes through the life cycle of a caterpil

  2. Jil Jil says:

    I received this book via a Goodreads giveaway from the author Thank you The book is about a newly hatched caterpillar, who is very hungry and thirsty So he crawls through the meadow where he meets many friends who help him satisfy his needs From day to day he grows bigger and bigger until

  3. Beth Beth says:

    Follow a caterpillar on his journey across a grassy, flower filled field in this sweet story of sharing and friendship Children will relate to the caterpillar s simple feelings of hunger and thirst, sleepiness, and his excitement about growing bigger The caterpillar s insect and animal frie

  4. N.A. Sharpe N.A. Sharpe says:

    This is a delightful story that follows the life of a very hungry caterpillar from the moment he hatches from his tiny egg in a beautiful meadow He travels through the meadow and meets many helpful friends along the way.This heartwarming tale teaches life lessons of friendship, selflessness

  5. Cherrybelle Dawn Cherrybelle Dawn says:

    Firstly, I am just very grateful to have received this book through Goodreads giveaways Secondly, the cover and the illustrations in this book were creative and interpretative that reading with my baby sister she, being attracted was constantly pointing at the pictures Lastly in general, ...

  6. Sharon Sharon says:

    Lovely story with vivid illustrations Concepts sharing and the life cycle

  7. Shawn Simon Shawn Simon says:

    The Giving Meadow, by Stephanie Burkhart, is a gorgeously illustrated, charming story about a caterpillar s first days before turning into a butterfly This story not only teaches children about the fact that caterpillars become butterflies, but it also shows how helping another can bring joy Be

  8. Janet Janet says:

    What a delightful story about the changing of a caterpillar into a butterfly with a subtle theme of sharing with others is good for us all I loved it highly recommend giving it to a small child of your acquaintance The illustrations are gorgeous.

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