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!!> Reading ➼ The Good Sister  ➵ Author Jess Ryder – Pcusati.info THE GOOD SISTER is a dark psychological thriller about a dysfunctional family, and the secrets that can destroy them, by author Jess Ryder, a follow up to her debut novel Lie To Me This is an excellent well written novel with engaging characters I was totally engrossed in this novel from beginning to end wanting to know how it would end I loved this book, and I know it will be well received by those readers that enjoy reading psychological thrillers A talented author to keep on the radar Two sisters One secret A lie that could destroy them both.When her father, Jerome Maculiffe, dies in a motorcycle accident, Josie is devastated to uncover he led a secret life another house, another family, another wife and a half sister called Valentina Jerome worked in Manchester as a teacher lecturer during the week and returned home to London during the weekends.Their father was having an affair He was living a parallel life Both with red hair and icy blue eyes, Josie and Valentina could be mistaken for twins But the similarities end there Josie is sweet and responsible has a good job and is living with her boyfriend Arun, while Valentina is unemployed, manipulative and dangerous Both Josie and Valentina were born in the same hospital a few days apart Josi Josie s father has died..riding his motorcycle Was it suicide Or an accident Under any other circumstances, she would never have even questioned that it was anything other than an accident.But that was before she learned his secret he had another family Another wife Another daughter Valentina Valentina and she could have been twins Both were born in the same year same month just a few days apart.Josie was raised with her parents in a home of some wealth Josie is quiet, responsible, and she has the perfect boyfriend..someone she s thinking of marrying In other words, Josie has led a wonderful life.Valentina was raised in different circumstances Same father but Valentina drinks, smokes, plays around with drugs, has no money and is now living in an abandoned building with others who are no better off.Once they meet and start comparing their lives, Valentina only knows one thing she wants Josie s life and she s willing to do what Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the chance to read this electronic ARCWhen Josie s beloved father dies, she is destroyed once when she discovers that her father led a secret life, complete with another woman and a daughter that he had kept secret from her When Josie s sister, Valentina, reaches out to Josie, Josie immediately develops a relationship with her, ignoring the cautions from everyone in her life that Valentina is dangerous and manipulative Valentina slowly begins to infiltrate Josie s life, and the only one oblivious to the obvious deception is Josie herself When Josie finally realizes this fact, she must take on her own sister in a fight to save her own life Having read Jess Ryder s other novel, I was excited to get the chance to read this one and it did not disappoint I actually anticipated The Good Sister to be predictable and similar to Single White Female however I was pleasantly surprised when it did not turn out that way The twists and turns in this novel are top notch, and Ryder definitely pulls a reader in right from the start, and keeps their interest until the end The Good Sister is told from the viewpoint of both Josie and Valentina At the beginning of each chapter, it is not I don t read a lot of psychological thrillers these days I think I read too many in the past and have become a bit immune to them However, The Good Sister, which I was initially attracted to by the stunning cover, managed to keep me completely gripped throughout the whole story.This is a fast paced, hard to put down kind of a book At times this was a tense, heart racing, panic inducing thriller I found myself getting so frustrated that one of the characters was so trusting of another Then I felt unsure who to trust myself, and doubting my own judgement of the situation There were so many twists and turns I began to feel like I was playing a game of dizzy daleks.I don t really want to say much about the plot or characters themselves, as this is definitely a book that s best read knowing very little about what is going to happen However, I do want to discuss the incredibly interesting historical snippets about Viking life at the beginning of each chapter, mainly as I believe it has taught me something about my own ancestry.The very beginning of the prologue begins with the following Today, about a million people in the UK are descended from the Vikings A finger deformity known as Dupuytren s disease is found in some people with Viking ancestry.I gasped when I read this I had never heard of Dupuytren s disease until my dad developed it a few years ago As soon as I start Oh a whopping 5 from me I was really mesmerised with this story, enjoying unwrapping every layer of it I turned the pages very quickly where my eyes were reading like an excited child It really gripped me.Josie lost her father to a motor cycle accident to all intense and purposes it looked exactly like that, straight forward until something was found later are the accident scene Did he commit suicide Did someone drive him to this Or were there other mitigating circumstances Josie s life wasn t too made, she had her mom, her dad and a good wealthy family background But then her life was turned upside downSECRETSREVELATIONS I m revealing now secrets in saying that her father had another family and another child A half sister, Valentina.They could have been twins, only days apart when they were born from different mothers.Josie didn t want for anything, but Valentina was brought up in a less favourable environment.The difference between the sisters are quite immense, Josie is polite, reasonable, calm, responsible and has a great boyfriend who she hopes to marry someday soon.Valentin is loud, curt, abrupt, she drinks, smokes, takes drugs, parties and has no money No job.Once these two meet up it take a huge leap for me I could see how manipulative Valentina was, how horrid, but why was escaping me.Is she after Josie for money Does she resent Josie Is it pure jealousy and did she know abo Disappointingly, I found The Good Sister to be quite predictable and the characters unlikable The story started off intriguing enough, but quickly lost momentum, and at the halfway point I found myself contemplating whether I should put it aside I was also confused a little by the constant mention of the Vi Josie learns of her dad s death in a motorbike accident where she finds a mysterious Soon after she discovers that her dad led a double life and she has a half sister Valentina , who could be passed off as her identical twin and was born just a few days apart Where Josie is calm, collected and leads a stable life, Valentina leads a troubled life involving drugs , booze and no job Valentina turns up at Josie s workplace and insists on building a relationship with her sister Is Valentina just trying to know her sister better or does she have an ulterior motive in following her sister The book is narrated in alternating chapters with both sisters POVs and a lot of reference to Viking gods and their lifestyles There were a lot of twists and turns with a surprise ending that I did not expect Even though I felt something s were left unexplained in the book it still was a very interesting read and I will look forward to read by this author.Many thanks to Bookouture NetGalley for providing a The Good Sister Author Jess Ryder Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Le Monde De Josie Vole En Clats Quand Son P Re Dispara T Dans Un Accident La Jeune Femme Est D Vast E En D Couvrant Que Celui Qu Elle Aimait Tant Avait Une Double Vie Une Autre Maison, Une Autre Famille Et Une Autre Fille Valentina.Depuis Cette R V Lation, Les Incidents Tranges Se Succ Dent Pour Les Deux S Urs Pourquoi Josie A T Elle L Impression Que Quelqu Un S Insinue Secr Tement Dans Son Intimit Qui Terrorise Valentina Avec Des Messages Mena Ants Et Puis, Il Y A Ce Doute La Mort De Leur P Re Est Elle Vraiment Accidentelle Rong Es Par La Peur, Les Deux S Urs Vont D Couvrir Que Le Secret De Leur P Re N Est Rien C T Des Mensonges De Leurs Proches Des Mensonges Qui Ont Le Go T Amer Du Sang Et Qui Mettent, Maintenant, Leurs Vies En Danger Mensonges Et Manipulations Un Thriller Psychologique Magistral. Oh wow What a story Amazing I just couldn t put it down, was up most of the night reading it Can t stop thinking about the characters What a spectacular story, riveting and addictive, with so many twists, all of whi The Good Sister is a well done suspense novel told from the point of view of two sisters When Josie s father dies, she discovers she has a half sister named Valentina who looks like her They were born only a few days apart, and though her father is technically married to her mother, he has spent half his life living with Valentina and her mother All those times he said he was at conferences or when he took an apartment in Manchester to be closer to his job, it was a ruse so he could have two families.The twists in the novel were good It wasn t always clear which character was speaking or telling the story from her point of view, but you figure it out eventually I liked the way Ryder opened each chapter with the Viking lore that the sisters father was so enthralled with Valentina is a troubled woman, but Josie, who has a loving boyfriend and a good job, wants to be connected to he

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