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[ Epub ] ➚ The Group Author Mary McCarthy – Pcusati.info Mary McCarthy S Most Celebrated Novel Follows The Lives Of Eight Vassar Graduates, Known Simply To Their Classmates As The Group An Eclectic Mix Of Personalities And Upbringings, They Meet A Week After Graduation To Watch Kay Strong Get Married After The Ceremony, The Women Begin Their Adult Lives Traveling To Europe, Tackling The Worlds Of Nursing And Publishing, And Finding Love And Heartbreak In The Streets Of New York City Through The Years, Some Of The Friends Grow Apart And Some Become Entangled In Each Other S Affairs, But All Vow Not To Become Like Their Mothers And Fathers It Is Only When One Of Them Passes Away That They All Come Back Together Again To Mourn The Loss Of A Friend, A Confidante, And Most Importantly, A Member Of The Group.

10 thoughts on “The Group

  1. Wayne Wayne says:

    I can remember my Dad s married sisters discussing this book they were voracious readers always in the 1960 s I was determined to read it and finally got hold of it in 1967 when I was studying to be a Catholic priest My Student Director immediately confiscated it, so I knew its reputation was still going strong He didn t see my two volumes

  2. Petra-X Petra-X says:

    I read this book when I was really young, maybe 12 I just saw a review on it, it said, The book was very frank about sexuality, describing some sex scenes in great detail However, it feltclinical , like a sex ed text than erotic Not to me it was HOT and very inspirational Masturbation, the First Time, and Girls who like other Girls, what s clinical

  3. Michaela Michaela says:

    Take THAT Candace Bushnell Every woman who moves to NYC after becoming obsessed with Sex and the City should be compelled to read this book Even though this book takes place between the WWI and WWII they d probably be shocked to discover that thethings change, thethey stay the same If anything, this is probably the most realistic picture of the dynamics of fe

  4. Ines Ines says:

    I do it fast and simple A charade of facts, events, places and characters but nothing that has kidnapped me or anythin significant that has remained in my heart.Yes, this book slipped away from me with absolutely nothing I immediately say that there by there, the girls of Vassar College in question live their dramas, successes and broken destinies but the whole thing i

  5. Carol She& Carol She& says:

    Fairly near the start this book had waaay too much detail about 1930 s contraception for my tastes it went on for pages Yes, I should besympathetic this chapter also evoked the feelings of confused and furtive shame about sexual matters that I remember from the 70 s.But the further into this groundbreaking novel I got, theabsorbed I became I especially like the way The Group mov

  6. Greg Brown Greg Brown says:

    After tearing through Mary McCarthy s The Group, I m kinda shocked that it hasn t been inducted into the canon yet The book is a stunning, scary look at gender relations in the 1930s, yet so searing that it s a shock to see it was written in the 1950s Even Mad Men, written from the perspective of today s improvements, isn t as damning as McCarthy can be about the oppression of the time.Mc

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is pretty much my ideal novel It s set in 1930s New York and follows the lives of several Vassar graduates There has been only a few truly slow portions of this novel I laughed aloud in several parts of the novel All of the talk of New York high society, 1930s politics, Freudian psychotherapy, and modernism generally was like candy to me All of these characters were pretty darn interesting to

  8. Alex Alex says:

    There s this story Laura Jacobs recounts in her definitive essay about this book I used to keep seventy five dollars of mad money in a book We had The Group on the shelf in our guest room and I thought, I ll remember where it is if I put it in there Every guest we had would come down the next morning and say, Did you know you had money in that book She should have stashed it in Herzog, right No one would eve

  9. Christine Boyer Christine Boyer says:

    You know when you re in the middle of a good book and you have to put it down, you still think about the characters and the story Well, that was NOT the case with this book I never connected and never felt anything about it Apparently, this book first came out in 1954 1963 and I think the reason it was popular was because it had very taboo content at least for the 1950 s I could see young girls back then giggling and

  10. Annelies Annelies says:

    This is for me an absolute 5 stars The manner in which the characterisation of the different persons comes forward is masterful Each person is descriped in a very detailed, sometimes sugggestive manner Also the fact how the total store is interwoven is very good done You learn about failed ambition in the thirties, not because the women are incapable, but because marriage prohibits them to develop themselves You regularly have

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