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Read ✓ The Lost Continent & Neither Here Nor There By Bill Bryson – EPUB The Lost Continent Neither Here Nor There Author Bill Bryson This Volume Contains Humorous Accounts Of Two Journeys, One Taken Across America, The Other A Trek Across Europe The Lost Continent Is An Account Of One Man S Rediscovery Of America And His Search For The Perfect Small Town Instead He Finds A Continent That Is Doubly Lost Lost To Itself Because It Is Blighted By Greed, Pollution, Mobile Homes And Television And Lost To Him Because He Has Become A Foreigner In His Own Country In Neither Here Nor There, The Author Journeys From Hammerfest, The Northernmost Town On The European Continent, To Istanbul In Doing So He Retraces His Steps As A Student 20 Years Before, Visiting Countries Including Norway, France And Italy.

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  1. Chris Steeden Chris Steeden says:

    The Lost Continent1988 and Bill Bryson drives 13978 miles and takes in 38 of the US states He starts off from his birthplace in Des Moines, Iowa and is sort of following some of the family vacations from his childhood days Does the perfect town exist in the US Part One is The East where he drives from Iowa to Illino

  2. Aoi Aoi says:

    RAGE QUIT 20% The author is a British national, out on a trip across Europe and yet, cannot stop with the cliche ridden generalizations, casual racism and grossly unfunny jokes I shudder to think what would have happened on a trip across Asia or Africa.

  3. Sherilyn Sherilyn says:

    Nobody puts you off travelling quite like Bryson.

  4. Pvw Pvw says:

    Sometimes you can get lucky A new thing in Belgium probably in other countries as well, but I can t say is the GIFT BOX The idea is that people of a city neighbourhood put all the discarded stuuf they don t need any into a public box, where everybody is allowed to take from the things they can use The system works, but it can also turn into a

  5. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    I love most of what Bill Bryson writes but sometimes I didn t read this combo pack of two short books, I read The Lost Continent, and I couldn t finish it Parts of it are so funny that I laughed out loud very loud But mostly it s kind of an angry forced march across America, as Bryson deals with his unpleasant memories of similar cross country treks w

  6. Finbarr Finbarr says:

    I ve rarely been as disappointed in a book as I was with this Full of quasi racist slurs, sweeping generalisations and unfunny, overwritten jokes, it s a world away from the Bryson books of recent years Published in 1990, before the era of affordable world travel and pre internet connectivity, the book is of its time and has aged horribly Bryson constantl...

  7. Beverley Beverley says:

    Bill Bryson is very funny, and I enjoyed my trip with him, although I was disappointed that instead of seeing the California and Oregon coasts he choose the San Juaquin Valley and Nevada Of course, one always loves ones home the most It was a very intertaining and bitingly insightful book.

  8. John John says:

    A friend gave me copy of the Lost Continent years ago it was by some bloke called Bryson he told me it was hillarious.Foolishly it took me a further 2 years before I picked it up and read it Why did I wait so long I can t get enough of it him now A stunningly funny writer.

  9. Dani Dani says:

    This is my second Bill Bryson book, I read Walk in the Woods which I think I liked a little better His tale about convincing his father to take a detour to the caverns was priceless It brought back so many memories of my own childhood vacations.

  10. Gábor Gábor says:

    If you want to receive succinct description about the Eastern states of the USA and not get easily offended by sometimes off beat satire , this book is for you No wonder the author chose to disguise names of most cities visited

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