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[ Reading ] ➽ The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories  Author Maxim Jakubowski – Pcusati.info Maxim Jakubowski, Together With Nathan Braund, Edited The BestsellingMammoth Book Of Jack The Ripper 1999 , Which Has Reprinted Several Times And Was Reissued In 2008 In A Revised And Expanded Edition.The Book Focused On The Countless Theories That Have Been Put Forward With Regard To The Identity Of The Notorious Victorian Serial Killer And Offered An Extensive 100 Page Section Presenting All The Known Facts In The Case It Included 30 Essays Written By The Most Famous, Often Controversial Ripperologists Putting Forward Their Own Theories It Remains One Of The Few Titles To Offer A Series Of Alternative Solutions To Jack The Ripper S Identity And The Truth Behind The Whitechapel Murders But How Many New Theories And Identities Can Researchers Come Up With In This Wonderful Collection Of Brand New Stories, Jakubowski Has Compiled An Extraordinary Array Of Explorations Into The Identity Of Jack The Ripper This Time Unabashedly Fictional, Unrestrained By History And The Known Facts.Contributors Include Carol Anne Davis, Martin Edwards, Peter Guttridge, Barbara Nadel Alvaro Zinos Amaro And Sally Spedding Jack The Ripper Has Appeared In A Number Of Novels, As The Lead Character In Some, Beginning With Marie Belloc Lowndes S The Lodger1913 , Filmed By Hitchcock Authors As Diverse As Michael Dibdin, Lindsay Faye, Philip Jose Farmer, Robert Bloch, Harlan Ellison, Alan Moore, Fredric Brown, Ramsey Campbell And Colin Wilson Have All Used Poetic Licence To Revive The Notorious Killer.The Varied Stories In This Fantastic New Collection Continue This Tradition With Many Possible Identities Put Forward, Some Already Suggested By Historians, Others Speculative, Including Famous Names From History And Fiction Even Sherlock Holmes Is On The Case As the title says, the book is mammoth Forty stories about Jack the Ripper Some of them vaguely supernatural, and all downright creepy.Don t read alone in the dark. The individual stories were simply too short and there wasn t anything for me to really sink my teeth into I enjoyed the first few and then lost interest after that.I found it very confusing that the same characters were mentioned in numerous stories but in different Like most story collections, this is a mixed bag I love the subject matter and some of the stories are super great Others less so But over all, it s a great collection I look forward to reading another collection of Jack the Ripper stories soon because I am a twisted individual.

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