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[Ebook] ↠ The Masks of Time Author Robert Silverberg – Pcusati.info Vornan Fell From The Sky, Naked, And Landed On The Spanish Steps In Rome On Christmas Afternoon Toward The End Of The Millennium And For Leo Garfield Things Would Never Be The Same For He Is An Acknowledged Expert In The Time Reversal Properties Of Sub Atomic Particlesand Vornan Claims To Come From Far In The Future Whether Or Not He Is Telling The Truth, A Nervous And Edgy World Accepts The Charming And Magnetically Charismatic Vornan As Some Kind Of Messiah Even Garfield And His Fellow Scientists Fall Under Vornan S Spell But, Has He Really Traveled Across Time Or Is He Just A Charlatan And A Fraud A Compassionate And Powerful Novel Worthy Of Comparison To Stranger In A Strange Land

10 thoughts on “The Masks of Time

  1. Sandy Sandy says:

    I had long thought that Philip K Dick s 1964 66 period was the most intensely productive and prolific streak that any sci fi author of note has ever enjoyed, with nine major novels produced during those three years But as it turns out, Robert Silverberg, seven years P.K s junior, has got him beat by a mile During the three year period 1967 69

  2. Manny Manny says:

    Vornan 19 has travelled back in time to the present day the late 90s, as imagined in the early 70s His mission is to warn vaguely about an impending millennial catastrophe and have sex with a lot of people.It transpires that there s some doubt about whether he s really a time traveller But there s no doubt at all about the sex.

  3. Charles Dee Mitchell Charles Dee Mitchell says:

    I have read, enjoyed, and given positive reviews to enough Silverberg novels that I am comfortable with writing this one off as boring.

  4. Roddy Williams Roddy Williams says:

    Following Heinlein s Stranger in a Strange Land which showed an innocent Messiah transforming human society and creating chaos, Silverberg presents us with a much structured and indeed literary examination of Humanity s need for faith, and what a double edged sword that may be.The setting is 1999, or at least it begins on Christmas day 1998 when Vornan

  5. Bryan Thomas Schmidt Bryan Thomas Schmidt says:

    Compelling, inspiring, thoughtful and challenging My favorite Silverberg after Lord Valentine s Castle and the first two Prestimion books Truly powerful and stands the test of time A must read.

  6. Phil Giunta Phil Giunta says:

    On Christmas Day in 1998, a charismatic being in the form of a nude man materializes from a shimmering electrical field in the middle of Rome Calling himself Vornan 19, he claims to have traveled back in time 1,000 years to observe the cultures of primitive Earth Soon after, the United States government assembles a motley team of five scientists to escort Vornan

  7. Mark Jensen Mark Jensen says:

    Three and a half stars Pretty good Silverberg novel about a mysterious visitor from 1000 years in the future The book takes place in 1999, and not so dissimilar to our own 1999 many people are convinced of a disaster at the new millennium never mind that it actually started in 2001, which is pointed out in the book The Appocolyptists riot, engage in debauchery, and

  8. Dan Dan says:

    At first, I thought this book was going to be a 5 star Just like Heinlein s Stranger in a Strange World, we are introduced to the same type of intriguing main character, Vornan 19, fraud or time traveler, and he starts out by doing and saying really interesting things If only Silverberg could have sustained the interest he generated in his premise After the introduction

  9. Eddie Eddie says:

    I found this book very disappointing I many unanswered questions, the protagonist not the first person narrator basically ruined everything and then never answered any questions I kept waiting for them to resolve something, but it never happened Additionally, I would say I thought it was overly sexualized, not explicit mostly but nearly everything revolved around it By the

  10. Francisbrosseauhotmail.Com Francisbrosseauhotmail.Com says:

    It s a interesting book It s a Robert Silverberg s Book, very humane, all about relations and not a lot of actions A little bit patriarchal, but Robert Silverberg always are It s not his best book But it s new in the time travel genre He proposed in this book a new projection for the future At the end, we don t know what to think, it s ambiguous Vornan, the man from the future,

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