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[[ KINDLE ]] ❆ The Napoleon of Notting Hill / The Man Who Was Thursday  Author G.K. Chesterton – Pcusati.info G K Chesterton Is Already A Staple In The Hendrickson List With Orthodoxy And Heretics In The Hendrickson Christian Classics Series Known Primarily For His Non Fiction, He Also Wrote Fiction, And The Napoleon Of Notting Hill And The Man Who Was Thursday Are Among His Best Known And Most Loved Novels The Napoleon Of Notting Hill, His First Novel, Tells The Story Of Residents Of A London Suburb Who Take Up Arms And Declare Their Independence From England Line Drawings Are Included Throughout The Man Who Was Thursday, His Most Famous Novel, Tells The Story Of A Policeman Who Becomes Unwittingly And Unwillingly Caught Up In A Resistance Group That Is Infiltrating A Secret Organization Of Anarchists.

10 thoughts on “The Napoleon of Notting Hill / The Man Who Was Thursday

  1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Chesterton is brilliant as always.

  2. Andalee Andalee says:

    It was a very interesting read I m particularly interested in crime fiction so this book was a different perspective on the crime plot The religious themes in the text was evenodd because usually crime fiction is not centered on this type of theme and the apocalyptic vision that Chesterton has in the novel It is very conflicted Chesterton has a very unique writing style similar to Dickins with his short se

  3. Amazing Grace Resource Center Amazing Grace Resource Center says:

    Two of G K Chesterton s less well known classics combined in one volume Famous for his moral and metaphysical defenses of Catholic dogma as well as for his detective stories featuring the insightful Father Brown, Chesterton depicts a society becoming increasingly dehumanized as it moves into the modern age in the tales collected here with his characteristic ...

  4. Talbot Hook Talbot Hook says:

    Can this man produce anything which is not perfect Can he not write a sentence that is not itself a poem Can he promote an idea which does not convince Can he probe the soul so as not to rouse beauty and meaning Can I finish one of his works and not be forcibly stunned to colossal, aching sile...

  5. Justin Wiggins Justin Wiggins says:

    This was such a hilarious read And as always with Chesterton there is seriousness behind his comedy.The serious theme of this book seemed me to be the danger of seeing life as only a joke, and also being fanatical in what one believes The way it ended was really mysterious, and I...

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