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[[ KINDLE ]] ❆ The Old Wives' Tale Author Arnold Bennett – Pcusati.info The Old Wives Tale Celebrates The Romance Of Even The Most Ordinary Lives As It Tells The Story Of The Two Baines Sisters, Placid Stay At Home Constance And Rebellious Sophia, From Their Girlhood To Their Last Days They Move From The Family Drapery Shop In Provincial Bursley During The Repressive Mid Victorian Period To Old Age In The Modern Era Of Mass Marketing And The Internal Combustion Engine The Setting Ranges From The Wesleyan Methodist Chapel In Bursley To A Paris Brothel, The Action From The Controlled Domestic Routine Of The Baines Household To Wife Murder And The Siege Of Paris During The Franco Prussian War Of This Edition Of The Old Wives Tale Gives Fascinating Critical Insights Into Bennett S Most Wide Ranging Novel, Considered By Many To Be His Masterpiece

10 thoughts on “The Old Wives' Tale

  1. Cecily Cecily says:

    A simple concept of parallels and contrasts in the lives of sisters, carefully told with gentle irony It starts in 1864 when Constance and Sophia are 16 and 15 respectively and follows them to the end of their lives Book 1 covers their teenage years together above and in a draper s shop in a small town in the Staffordshire Pott

  2. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    I recall intensely that The Old Wives Tale had me weeping silently into my mug of tea onthan one occasion as I followed raptly the ordinary tedious lives of twothan a little irritating women from youth to addled toothlessness, whence are we all doomed, although, one hopes, these days, withhumane dentistry and superior bridgework Ah, h

  3. Diane Barnes Diane Barnes says:

    You all know the problem You ve got some great books on your shelves that you really want to read, and you re pretty sure you re going to love them, because of author or subject matter or reputation as a classic But it s over 500 pages, sometimes a lot over So you pick it up, but you re aware that in the time it takes to read this one, you c

  4. Margitte Margitte says:

    BLURB Every stout, ageing woman is not grotesque far from it but there is an extreme pathos in the mere fact that that every stout ageing woman was once a young girl with the unique charm of youth in her form and her movements and in her mind And the fact that the change from the young girl to the stout ageing woman is made up of an infinite number

  5. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    I listened to this over a very long car ride Both my husband and I thought it was a very good choice It is easy to follow and keeps your attention.The book is about two very different sisters Constance and Sophia Their names clue you in to their respective personalities Constance is constant, good natured, kind and loving She is a home body who wants to s

  6. Janet Janet says:

    A testament to the power and influence of Goodreads is the discovery of this gem which otherwise would have escaped my notice.Bennett grabbed me with the second sentence of his preface and never let go for a moment In many ways this 5 page preface iscompelling than the actual novel Here he relates an anecdote of sitting in a favorite cafe when an old woman comes

  7. John John says:

    This book was a joy to read The characters of Sophia and Constance were excellent There lives chalk and cheese I was not sure what to expect, and aside for some incredibly long sentences it was a great novel of the day to day lives of the two sisters.The contrast between the two sisters is incredible The first part describes the two sisters growing up in their fathers

  8. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly says:

    He saw a fat, old, ridiculous, shapeless woman in a restaurant Then he imagined her once as a vivacious young girl, perhaps pretty when she was a young woman, had some love affairs, married, brought forth children, and now she s like that, most likely alone and forgotten For a long while he thought of writing a story about an old woman like her When he finally got himself int

  9. Ellie Ellie says:

    Arnold Bennett is one of the great under read authors ever His prose is shining carved out of marble each word beautiful resonating off the surrounding ones But really his craft is so pure and every word counts Of course, it s good his writing is so unsentimental because it keeps his stories from being unbearable sad instead of just barely bearably painful This is the book I would r

  10. Rupert Smith Rupert Smith says:

    I consider Arnold Bennett to be the most underrated of all English novelists, and The Old Wives Tale to be one of the great undiscovered or underdiscovered masterpieces of twentieth century literature Bennett was despised by the Bloomsbury group, particularly Virginia Woolf, who thought him conservative and vulgar his popularity made him a figure of envy and ridicule amongst the Modernists

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