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[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☃ The Review of Hayao Miyazaki's "The Wind Rises" Author Toshio Okada – Pcusati.info Hayao Miyazaki S Final Film The Wind Rises Depicts Sin Of The Man Who Chases Beautiful Things The Wind Rises Is Hayao Miyazaki S Crowning Work To Be Honest, It Was Completely Unexpected For Me That Miyazaki Made It However, The Factor Which Makes This Film Superb Is Neither Sound Effects Nor Visual Images And I M Not Going To Say I Cried At Heroes Love To Be Sure, Both Sound Effects And Visual Images Are Wonderful But I Was Impressed With This Film Because A Love Between The Main Characters Were Too Distorted Excerpt Of Chapter I Hayao Miyazaki Announced Recently That He Wouldn T Make Feature Films Any His Final Film The Wind Rises Is Not An Entertaining Film For Children, But Full Fledged Anime For Adults There Are Arguments Both For And Against This Film A Co Founder Of Anime Production, Gainax, As Well As And The Foremost Authority On Otaku And In Addition, Toshio Okada Explains The Wind Rises To You Clearly After Reading This Book, You Can Discover The Real The Wind Rises Contents INTRODUCTION Chapter I Review Of Hayao Miyazaki S The Wind Rises Hayao Miyazaki Was In A Long Slump The Love Story Of A Distorted Genius Who Is Jiro S First Love Naoko S Clever Tactics Jiro Cannot Understand Others Feelings Is It Correct To Appoint Hideaki Anno As Voice Actor The Inhumanity Of Jiro That Cannot Be Expressed By Acting Skills Who Are The Two Foreigners Jiro Is A Man Who Chooses Beauty Why Did Naoko Go Down A Mountain The Forgiveness Of Naoko Satomi The Virtual Images And The Inside Represented By The Glasses Japan Was Eager To Catch Up To The West Death Of Satomi Naoko Hayao Miyazaki S Work And Forgiveness Representation Of The Bteauty And Cruelty Through Acting Chapter II QA For The Wind Rises The Wind Rises Isn T The Story About The Beautiful Love Jiro And Miyazaki Are Not Iinterested In Anything But Beautiful Things What Two Devils Whisper In His Dream The True Reason Director Hayao Miyazaki Made This Film A World With Pyramid, Or Without Pyramid Excitement And Puzzlement, Not Ever Seen Before About The Author Toshio Okada Born In In Osaka, Japan An Anime Producer, Author, Social Critic The President Of FREEex Established The Anime Studio, GAINAX In He Produced Royal Space Force The Wings Of Honn Amise, Nadia, The Secret Of Blue Water, Aim For The Top GunBuster And So Forth GAINAX Started A Big Movement With Neon Genesis EVANGELION Later On Through The Instructor Of The University Of Tokyo And MIT, The Visiting Professor At Osaka University Of Arts At Present Established A Unique Organization Named OtakingEX, In Which Employees Pay A Salary To The President In Changed The Name Of OtakingEX To FREEex In

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