10 thoughts on “The Science of God

  1. Wesley Wade Wesley Wade says:

    Let me start here I am a Christian I love science I do not see how these things do not go together, and why there is so much argument about being content with scientific explanations and simultaneously loving God If you fall into that boat, or if you are agnostic, atheist, or another religion curious about Christianity, you will enjoy this book If you are a Christian that cannot...

  2. Shayna Abrams Shayna Abrams says:

    This is a book that actually compares physical science with biblical teachings I read this a long time ago and have since evolved in my spiritual mentality, but this was the first book that I read on my journey to the place I am now It enlightened me by speaking to sense of reality as opposed to trying to relay hard to understand and sometimes accept spiritual conceptions Even those that are waiveri

  3. Toe Toe says:

    In The Science of God, Gerald Schroeder takes on a tremendously difficult task he attempts to reconcile his modern scientific knowledge with his traditional religious beliefs One would be hard pressed to argue he doesn t know his science considering he earned a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Tec...

  4. Amy Lynn Amy Lynn says:

    This book is not exactly accessible to those blinded to the truths of science Neither is it accessible to those steeped solely in so called faith in the unseen The Science of God is for the thinker with faith enou...

  5. Alicia Alicia says:

    I want to say he s a hack, but he is unfortunately simply unable to think outside his sphere of spirituality His reasoning is circular and some of what he writes contradicts other comments he makes I am in the process of rebutting this book.

  6. Scott Shipp Scott Shipp says:

    You should read it Though you may not agree with it I didn t , it is a worthwhile perspective.

  7. Mark Mark says:

    Schroeder desocnstructs the rift between science and religion, showing how the Bible and current theory compliment each other Most of the conflict, he suggests, is caused by people from one camp failing to have a clear grasp of what the other camp is saying For all his talk of leaving behind preconceived notions he makes a few errors, but for the most part his work is sound Any rational person who thinks religionists a

  8. Eddie Eddie says:

    The author takes to task both Christian fundamentalists and secular fundamentalists for their errors in relation to science A lot of fun but sometimes the quantum physics stuff is over my head.

  9. Al Datum Al Datum says:

    One of the things I love about this book is that Dr Schroeder has his Ph.D from MIT nuclear physics I say this because so many in the atheist community like to push the idea that educated people especially scientists are atheists and that science leads away from faith Clearly it does not and Dr Schroeder proves this.The Science of God is just one of Dr Schroder s books each of which deal with science and theology This particul

  10. Alvin Franzmeier Alvin Franzmeier says:

    I m a great Schroeder fan He forces me to take a very, very careful look at the text of the Bible for him the O.T I loved his previous Genesis and the Big Bang It fascinated me to see this pious Jew and former MIT prof say here, it is instructive to note that Ussher s and Keppler s calculations of an approximately six thousand year old universe are infintely closer to our current estimate of time since the big bang than was either

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